N is a big boy now

  • Baby talk is still apparent.
  • He seems to favour our food more.
  • Very adamant if he wants something
  • At the same time, tell him something, he will do it. Yes, the boy is obedient that way. *beaming momma*
  • He counts the steps by himself
  • Knows most of the nursery rhymes by heart. He even mimics some of them (Humty Dumpty (Da), Polly put the kettle on, Ring o’ Ring o’ Roses, Old King Cole etc).
  • His current favorite CD is the British accented nursery rhymes I bought when he was barely one. He only started listening to it the last month or so. It has always been the American ones earlier. He pronounces words in American accent though both his parents are British educated. Hah!
  • He is still traumatised over hair cuts
  • The last weekend, he refused to take his bath. Poor boy was terrified even to enter the bathroom.
  • As much he showers love to his mom, he also hits her with vengence. Any fighting scenes (read: Tamil movies), he tries to mimic and the mother will be at the receiving end. Maaveeran saw the son taking the TV remote and slashing the mother as did Ravi Tejas in the movie. *sigh*.
  • Dancing. He anticipates the next move and comes prepared with the necessary props-when needed. He shakes his pants as did Vijay & Tamanna in Sura, holds a book as did Jeyam Ravi in that Lolitha song etc etc
  • Thanks to the Mickey audio CD I got him in Indonesia, he could count numbers backwards. Appa taught him to count, by the way. 😀

N is 2 years 1 months 3 days old.