I have not taught my son anything

My father & mother has taken the time to teach him. Even that, only when he wants to be taught. Say for instance, when he carries his books to them. From then on, lil N’s learning is made fun. He gets to count eggs (& broke a few along the way thanks to Appa), potatoes, his blocks etc. No obligations whatsoever.

We got him few educational posters which he liked very much. We showed/read out the pictures a few times and the boy got hooked. No such thing as having a schedule. The same with his alphabet & number puzzles.

All in all, my work is limited to exposing him to books, toys, educational stuff, cds, art blocks, colour pencils and stuff. And of course, nursery rhymes.

What more can we expect from a two year old? Frankly, I am not bothered about my don’t care attitude to teach my son anything.

Nor does my colleague’s son’s ability to say out colours bother me a bit! 😀

N is 2 years 1 months 5 days old.