The birth of the (Chinese) New Year

on the 23rd of  February seems real promising compared to 1st January 2012 new year. This comment is strictly limited to the relationship department. Yes,

As for my general well being, 2012 is much much better compared to 2011. I told myself in December 2011 that I want to do more stuff that I want to do in 2012. The first step is always the hardest. I realised it once again. Nevertheless,  I am slowly getting rid of my inhibitions and am taking reasonable steps in letting go of the invisible what ifs and sheer laziness to head towards my goal. The most imported thing, which I realise now, at this very second is, to enjoy the ‘steps’ towards the goal. 😀

Here’s to a majestic dragon year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Enough of saying it

It’s time to just do it! Personal space and time is much needed. Enough of self pity. This is the time to start loving myself. Enough of he did she did, he said she said bullshit.

If he can’t do it, the options are:
either I do it
or I don’t do it.

Neither is not wrong as long as the decision is made by me.

I realise I need some time to cool off.

It’s time to live life with passion!

Yes, that’s my wall post on FB just now.

I am tired of thinking too much. I am tired of getting irritated. I know. I have said the same in some of my previous posts. I think it is really time to do something about it.

I want to let loose of my inhibitions. I want to laugh out loud when I feel like it. I want to pamper myself at the spur of the moment. I want to do everything I feel like doing, right here, right now!

I want to read, I want to watch movies, I want to rest, I want to eat all that I want, I want to buy that beautiful top without care. So what if the shape of my tummy is visible!

I want to buy books, I want to call my friends and yap for hours. I want to meet my girl friends. I want to gossip. I want to have parties at home. Heck! I want to attend parties. I want to dance with my son. I want to hug him tight.

I just want to live my life again!