An idiot friend of mine sent it to me! :-D

Q. Have you heard about the new super-sensitive condoms?
A. They hang around after the man leaves and talk to the woman.

Too funny not to be shared!



This am I pregnant am I NOT pregnant

state is making me go crazy. I have all of these symptoms indicating I am. Heck, I am even buying breakfast without fail each morning and stuffing myself with food during lunch. Only to feel hungry the very next moment of finishing the food. On other times, I just don’t have the appetite to eat though I am dead hungry!

I am consistently feeling nauseous and my sense of smell has peaked. Libido is zero. I took the home pregnancy test last Tuesday. The test result was negative though. Perhaps, it was too early?

Today, I am having leg cramps and feel wet! Just like how I would normally a day before getting my period. I don’t feel right.

I think I am pregnant!

The symptoms are all there:
passing gas
hunger pangs
the same angry dialog used just before my earlier pregnancy was confirmed! hahaha

Heck, the people I met during my first pregnancy are all here in the office-Talk about coincidences!

Started vomiting in the morning when brushing teeth
Sometimes I feel hungry right after a hearty meal, other times, I have no appetite though I am hungry *eyes rolling*

Did my pregnancy test last evening (13th Feb 2012)-turned out negative. I guess it is just too soon to show-just like how it was for lil N.