My love

The little one lies next to me or on me whenever I am lying on the bed or on the sofa. He would say nothing. Just hanging in there hugging his amma. The silence and the tenderness of a loving child just shows how blessed I am.

This am I pregnant am I NOT pregnant

state is making me go crazy. I have all of these symptoms indicating I am. Heck, I am even buying breakfast without fail each morning and stuffing myself with food during lunch. Only to feel hungry the very next moment of finishing the food. On other times, I just don’t have the appetite to eat though I am dead hungry!

I am consistently feeling nauseous and my sense of smell has peaked. Libido is zero. I took the home pregnancy test last Tuesday. The test result was negative though. Perhaps, it was too early?

Today, I am having leg cramps and feel wet! Just like how I would normally a day before getting my period. I don’t feel right.

Down with fever

The lil one was down with fever. On & off fever since Sunday night. As the fever was present til Wednesday evening, I decided to take him to the paediatrician. The doctor said he does not have dengue symptom. However in children,  the symptoms are not visible and only a blood test would confirm it.

So, blood test it was! Baby was squirming trying to get out of the wrap, tears were flowing and I practically relived the procedure he under went when he was six months old. 
The results were negative. He was given antiviral (Tamiflu) together with the usual fever and pain medication.
Looking at the bill, my husband’s face ‘fell’. By the time we got the test results, saw the doctor, medication prepared, it was more than 10pm. Baby slept in my arms. Oh by the way, removing the needle and plasters was another painful ordeal. He cried himself to sleep. 

I think I am pregnant!

The symptoms are all there:
passing gas
hunger pangs
the same angry dialog used just before my earlier pregnancy was confirmed! hahaha

Heck, the people I met during my first pregnancy are all here in the office-Talk about coincidences!

Started vomiting in the morning when brushing teeth
Sometimes I feel hungry right after a hearty meal, other times, I have no appetite though I am hungry *eyes rolling*

Did my pregnancy test last evening (13th Feb 2012)-turned out negative. I guess it is just too soon to show-just like how it was for lil N.