Two and half years old

The lil one is growing up! He looks visibly taller now. Could reach door knobs unlock them too. The other day, my husband got nice lashing for not locking the room door. Only for the little one to unlock the same door barely a few minutes after the lashing.

He could name all the cars of the family. He could identify the same make of any cars in the road too. Has a special place for my siblings. He adores them as much as they adore him.

He loves car. Has a small collection of matchbox cars. Both father and son get mesmerised playing with those. Play Doh is another favourite father-son activity.  This is something I forced upon my husband. I feel it is important for a child to spend time with his dad. Initially, my husband was not that keen. Not that he doesn’t love his son. It was more like a chore for him. I told him that whether he likes it or not, I want them to have a bond. And now, more than the son, the father is looking forward to spend time with the little one. So much so, when I asked my husband to take N to the playground, both went and came back nearly half an hour later much to my surprise. I had some peace and quite at home. Hehehe

Since N is eating our food, I get to prepare a variety of food for him during the weekend. Cheese is a must for the boy. He loves cheese, chocolates, lolly pop, chocolate milk and potato crisps. Just like his mom.

When I am in the kitchen, upstairs or away from him, the lil one calls out to me. That cute voice calling out Avva simply melts me. I drop every thing I do and spend time with him instead.

He is yet to speak fluently. Baby talk is there and fluency is limited to mostly two word sentences. I am both the angel and devil to him. He knows amma is there for him and the same time he knows amma will not hesitate to put two on his bum when he misbehaves.

The other day, he woke from his afternoon nap and started calling for me. Brought him downstairs and made him sit next to me. Before I knew it, he slid down to my side and slept with his head on my lap. That’s heaven and I have my very own angel with me.

I had such a good time

last evening with my girlfriends from high school. I have known some of them since primary school! I’m in such an elevated mood that I am yet to go to bed though it is 40 minutes past 12.

Since I am in such a good mood, the time is right to jot down some of my aspirations in the long run.

  • I want to leave the office at a fixed time every day. I am replaceble in the organisation. My family is not. 5.30pm would be the latest for me to be in the office 
  • Which means I get to cook consistently every day. Cooking does not tire me. It makes me relax. When I come back from work late, I don’t cook. And I want to minimise that
  • Cleaning the house and ironing/folding the clothes as and when needed. When I am tired, I tend to postpone these.
  • I tend to abandon the porch and the plants. Need to take good care of those
  • This is a tough one. I want to go back to learning Barathanatyam.
  • The gym membership is sleeping. If possible, I want to resurrect this. *fingers crossed*
  • Get an investment property by end of this year
  • Do up my second living room
  • Take good care of myself
  • Wear make up when needed
  • Did I say I love fish and I have a bowl aquarium. I am going to upgrade it soon. 🙂
  • Weight management. I want to lose at least another 6 kgs. After confinement I lost weight. After that I have gained and it is hard to lose the additional weight. Mind you, I don’t want to be skinny. I just want to get back to my normal weight to fit my old clothes.

The good thing is I am more vocal nowadays. I talk alot nowadays. Tend to let people know how I feel. I come so far away from being the little shy and timid girl.

One of the girls I met today (all of us are in our early 30s, but we were behaving like posh high school girls last evening:-P) said that I was the most decent, quiet and well behaved girl of the lot back in school. Could you believe that? 😀

Had it so bad

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The food poisoning took a different turn all together. I thought I was going to die. Missed two days of the workshop. Went to the medical centre in the morning. By 4 pm, I was having fever again to the point of shivering. The service centre manager had to accompany me to the medical centre.
I was that unwell. I was put on intravenous drip. *sigh*. That said, here are some observations I made about China and its people:
  • The country is very clean. The same cannot be said about the air quality
  • The people there do not smile and do not greet
  • The sales people are a different breed altogether-they are very friendly and helpful
  • English is not understood by everyone
  • Taxis are easy to get though dusty
  • Nice to walk around, everything is well connected
  • The men spit and it is common to see them doing that. You can find spittle on the street, not bubble gum
  • High rise buildings are everywhere
  • Avid shoppers can go crazy there
  • Food is expensive. A very basic meal can cost 40 Yuan minus the drink.
  • A lot of Middle Easterns and blacks were seen
  • 99% of the street signs are in Chinese and in Chinese only

In Guangzhou, China for business trip

The temperature was 11 degrees in spite of it being end of winter! That was not something I expected. Later in the evening, I had to buy a coat. The following day, my oh my, I had food poisoning due to the lunch we had. The after effects are not good. I am still having diarrhea and slight vomiting. At least, the headache and warm body temperature is no longer there.

The food is either too oily or simply looks way too oily. The mere sight of it makes me puke!

International Women’s Day

We went to Italiannies for dinner last night. No, it was not to celebrate Women’s day. Heck, I don’t even know if my husband was aware of such a day. This was my belanja (read: my treat) for I received arrears of my salary increment. Moi was promoted. 😀

Pizza and spicy roasted chicken were ordered, coupled with Tequila Sunrise for me and beer for my husband. Before anyone brands me a kudikari, I drink alcohol like once every two years. That too only after marriage. 😛  I was quite tired by the time we headed to the restaurant. I was like, what the heck, I want a tequila and I want it now. Even my husband did not think I would go ahead and actually order one!

So with that, we both headed home happy and planned to go for a second round at home-this time it was whisky.

Went to bed stoned!