I had such a good time

last evening with my girlfriends from high school. I have known some of them since primary school! I’m in such an elevated mood that I am yet to go to bed though it is 40 minutes past 12.

Since I am in such a good mood, the time is right to jot down some of my aspirations in the long run.

  • I want to leave the office at a fixed time every day. I am replaceble in the organisation. My family is not. 5.30pm would be the latest for me to be in the office 
  • Which means I get to cook consistently every day. Cooking does not tire me. It makes me relax. When I come back from work late, I don’t cook. And I want to minimise that
  • Cleaning the house and ironing/folding the clothes as and when needed. When I am tired, I tend to postpone these.
  • I tend to abandon the porch and the plants. Need to take good care of those
  • This is a tough one. I want to go back to learning Barathanatyam.
  • The gym membership is sleeping. If possible, I want to resurrect this. *fingers crossed*
  • Get an investment property by end of this year
  • Do up my second living room
  • Take good care of myself
  • Wear make up when needed
  • Did I say I love fish and I have a bowl aquarium. I am going to upgrade it soon. 🙂
  • Weight management. I want to lose at least another 6 kgs. After confinement I lost weight. After that I have gained and it is hard to lose the additional weight. Mind you, I don’t want to be skinny. I just want to get back to my normal weight to fit my old clothes.

The good thing is I am more vocal nowadays. I talk alot nowadays. Tend to let people know how I feel. I come so far away from being the little shy and timid girl.

One of the girls I met today (all of us are in our early 30s, but we were behaving like posh high school girls last evening:-P) said that I was the most decent, quiet and well behaved girl of the lot back in school. Could you believe that? 😀


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