I am in love

with the Ipad which I bought for the little one. Hahaha.
That bloody device is simply so awesome!


Universal Studios, Singapore

That was a kick-ass trip. The roller coaster rides, 3D/4D rides and special effects studio were simply awesome. I did not expect to have this much fun! I don’t think I ever rode this many roller coasters on a single day. Did I say it was awesome? Went for the Transformers ride twice. Yup, it was THAT awesome! 😀
We stayed in JB and travelled to Singapore on public transportation on both days. Decided to be adventurous some what. 😀
The nigh safari was a total waste of money. Deer were the fillers of the night safari. You see elephants, deer, hyenas, deer, giraffes, deer. You get the drift, don’t you.
All in all, it was a very good travel. The other half enjoyed Universal Studios as much as I did. 

I don’t know what happened to my little angel.

There’s this little rascal running around in the house, testing my patience at all times! The word ‘no’ has no meaning to him. The joys of motherhood, I guess. 😀

Whoever sees him comments how active he is. A friendly kid who approaches people before them. A bold one too. He now wants to go outside at all times. It is nice to see him enjoy the outdoors. Running around, screaming for no reasons and jumping while calling out frog.

We are seriously considering hiring a stay at home maid. We want N to be with us every day instead of us being the weekend parents. Hope everything works out well and faster too.

Each time we leave him at mom’s place, we have to sneak out as the lil one would start crying if he sees us leaving. When we want to take him back home, he starts crying because he wants to be with his Tata. That boy!!

I whacked N last evening

He went around on a defiant spree. Removed my flower arrangements, pushed the vase till it fell, threw his cars, pushing the remote control basket and was simply being defiant. I got so mad and slapped his leg. He didn’t stop. This amid having tears in his eyes and curled lips. He again started the actions a few moments later. I got annoyed again and slapped his legs again. Tears in eyes and curled lips yes but it did not stop him. At one point, he was actually challenging me by pushing the remote control basket very slowly off the coffee table whilst looking at me without flinching. His father was witnessing all this. Off went the basket.

I did what I should do and should have done earlier. I carried him and gave a tight hug and showered with kisses-all the while saying sorry that I have hit him. The boy hugged me back and just stayed that way.


A lot of good things has happened this week. Honestly, this year has been great and is getting better by the day. Alhamdulillah. This week has been one of the most eventful one. Things are picking up from the time I got the crystal tree. I got a lovely sofa with minimum effort. Sleeping peaceful and waking up without being tired. Improvement in communication is simply astounding. And I booked my very own investment property at a prime area!


My fish, Fish.

Well, I have a fish named Fish. He is such a little darling.  He simply makes my day. Initially, he was timid, quickly hiding behind the fake bush in his bowl aquarium when I went near. Now, the little one swims toward me when I come close. He’s an orange gourami-a very feminine and gentle fish, that one.

Seeing him, I want to get a bigger aquarium for the house. Having a pet is a wonderful. Especially when they start to interact with you.

I didn’t know I would become such an avid fish person-though I have always loved seeing them swim. So serene and wonderful.

The other living thing I want to add, would be plants. The first two batches withered and died due to hot sun and some neglect. The sole remaining survivor would be the money plant I got from my colleague.