Nausea and Puking

has officially started!



Work just makes me overwhelmed nowadays. Perhaps, the temperature makes me feel that way. Or perhaps I am simply doing the same thing for quite awhile already. Change. What I need now is change. I work with the same people in the office, meet the same customers, deal with the same issues, have to see the same annoying people day in day out and worst of all, hear the same complaints every now and then.

The other thing that worries me is that, money never seems to be enough. I am not an avid spender nor am I addicted to shopping. Sometimes, I can’t even account for my expenses. It’s money in and money out all in the same day. The bulk of it goes to my credit card payment. I don’t have flexi payment except for the the gym membership-which is a total waste of money. I could have gone 6 times in a year.

The only logical explanation I have for my supposed woes is that I could have spent on household items. Given all the problems we had in the last couple of years, the house was not exactly complete. there were minor décors and furnishing to be done. I manage to complete it in the last couple of months. In a true fashion of what my rasi indicated, though expenditure is more than profit, the overall result is happiness.

I had encountered a bitching ‘friend’, make that a colleague who made herself friends with me and declared me as her ‘the one best friend’ in the office. Some people become friends only to reap benefits. I knew she was one such friend though the situation did not arise sooner than I has expected. Work is work. I won’t compromise on my principles for the sake of ‘friendship’ nor would I misuse my position to save some asses.

The most disappointing part was I had allowed this person into my life. Meaning, I have been to her house and had planned for lunch at my place with her family. I was disappointed for a day. She knew I knew. She was embarrassed to see me for the next couple of days. After that, she tried to slowly talk to me. I simply let bygones be bygones. I knew her character and we are working in the same office. So why bother. Time to move on.

Oh yes, another important update would be, I have started talking with the in laws.Not as in talk talk but rather acknowledgement of their existence sort. It was a birthday party of my husband’s periamma. It was a last minute decision for me to attend the party. All these while, I wouldn’t attend any events of my husband’s side as the mere thought of their presence would raise my blood pressure. Both were in jitters, wondering what I would do or say to them as I was walking towards the hostess. I said hello and that just did it. I was practically given royal treatment by MIL. *eyes rolling*

The next important matter would be, I finally donated blood last Sunday. This was pending for the longest time possible. And I finally did it. Should have done it earlier.