Girl child, Boy child

Why is the gender of a child so important to some people? So what if it’s a girl? So what if it’s a boy?
So what if it’s two consequent boys? So what if it’s two consequent girls?

What’s with comments like ‘if the second one is a boy/girl, you can close shop.’
What the fuck?!

My parents are blessed with 3 girls and a boy (in that sequence). The parenting style did not differ a bit. So, why are some people are so *&^%ing obsessed with the sex of the baby?

The people who make the most fuss are not the pregnant parents themselves but others. What’s with them?


Raising a kid

At the age of two and a half, it is more important for my child to be happy and cheerful. Reading a book by himself can all be done later. I have created a healthy environment for him to play and do things on his own. When he feels like reading and brings a book to me, as naturally as I could, with a smile I say, ‘Go to Appa, baby.’ This is what a mom does after cooking. If you are going to roll your eyes at me-go shove it.

Why force a child to sit in a place and write the letter A when I am happier seeing my son doodling using colours and crayons and whatever he can lay his hands on. The semi-circle ‘butterfly’ and a few straight lines ‘car’ is all we need for a happy afternoon. Yup, that purple ‘butterfly’ and blue ‘Ford’ is on my fridge. 🙂

He can sing more nursery rhymes than all the adults could in the family. He could mimic the rhymes and ‘act’ like the characters. However, the boy sings one Tamil song, and all hell breaks lose*. He is musically inclined and I am happy this is one way he could grasp the language. Tata ingge vaa (later corrected to Tata ingge vaange)-his first spoken Tamil was divine to my ears. No, called it Amirtham-I can be overdramatic at times too. 😛

*like I care.

This has been boggling my mind

for quite sometime. The intention is not to start a blog war but as a non-confrontational post. The majority of South Indian bloggers seem to be Brahmins (it is possible that it is me who happens to get glued to iyer/iyengar peeps blog). How do I know that they are Brahmins?

It’s simple. They simply disclose it as a matter of fact, one way or another. Why doesn’t a non-brahmins do the same?

Is it wrong to talk about caste? If so, why are the Brahmins are so open about theirs? Do the rest feel inferior? Or there’s simply more to life for non-brahmins than to disclose their caste?