Pregnant ladies

normally glow and look so gorgeous. Me, on the other hand…*sigh*


Disgusting men

Three weeks ago, a group of married, middle aged men were commenting about Aiswarya Rai’s weight. *I made noise*

A couple of weeks ago, another bunch of married, middle aged morons were making unrelated comments about a model. One went far and started making comments about her bust size. *Couldn’t make noise here since the moron was a colleague’s friend-not mine. Though I am still tempted to tell somehow. When a man talks about a woman’s bust size, I see no harm in taking about the length of his penis (or the lack of it)

Last week, one shared a ‘funny’ rhyme which demonstrated violence against women. *I definitely made noise*

Both of these incidents were made on FB where their families, friends, colleagues and even daughters are part of their network. I wonder what is in the head of these men. These are otherwise the most gentle, helpful and jovial men around in real life.

I didn’t want to remove them from my friends’ list. That would be akin to closing one eyes and pretend it didn’t happen. So I made noise.

Things to do in 2013

  • Get myself a tattoo post delivery
  • Lose considerable amount of weight
  • Better management of time
  • Allocate me time
  • Gym aside, I want to restart Barathanatyam
  • Diligently cook every day. Have more variety of food.
  • Take better care of myself 
  • To send little N for sangeetham lessons
  • Go for massage-as & when needed