N, the little bully

He twirls his father around with his little pinky. The father has no say in anything. The son decides their father-son activities!

Last weekend, they had their play doh session at home. Guess what was their project?
Make a pregnant Amma-a purple one too in that!

They had so much of fun creating a pregnant purple me with a big bulging tummy. So much so they had to wake me up from my afternoon slumber to show their creation of me!

Darn boys! 😛

Can you see the huge lady with one arm on the hip wearing a  blue scrunchy? That’s moi!

Completed 4 months, Going on 5

I am gradually drinking plain water-in sips. The taste doesn’t seem that bad nowadays. Have started to put in late hours in the office. Thankfully, the evening nausea has reduced tremendously. People say I look refreshed (aka I’m carrying a girl talk has started). I would only now the gender of the baby in the next check-up.

I am still not in tune with this baby, unlike the elder one. Perhaps, once I see the tiny little being, all will change. I have been reading up on that. Seems to be quite a common scenario with second babies. That’s one of the reason why I don’t know what baby am I carrying. I knew it for N. I just knew it.

 Ice-blended drinks, iced/hot coffee is my preference nowadays. For N, it was Coke and for this baby, it’s coffee. Both likes caffeine, huh? I was very cautious with food for N. I stayed away from those I was told to stay away from like iced drinks, fruit juices, water melon. With this one, nah, I eat what I feel like eating or craving for. I restrain only from papaya, pineapple and sugar cane juice. Heck, I also eat peanuts nowadays.

Ice-cream makes me nauseous. I hope it would no longer be that way after my delivery. I kinda ‘lost’ milk that way. I couldn’t consume milk for N. I thought I would change post delivery. Unfortunately, it persisted even post pregnancy. I am also controlling my weight, in a way. I was already 10kgs in excess for this baby. Can’t afford to put on another 20kgs just like how I did for N.

Disgusting men

Three weeks ago, a group of married, middle aged men were commenting about Aiswarya Rai’s weight. *I made noise*

A couple of weeks ago, another bunch of married, middle aged morons were making unrelated comments about a model. One went far and started making comments about her bust size. *Couldn’t make noise here since the moron was a colleague’s friend-not mine. Though I am still tempted to tell somehow. When a man talks about a woman’s bust size, I see no harm in taking about the length of his penis (or the lack of it)

Last week, one shared a ‘funny’ rhyme which demonstrated violence against women. *I definitely made noise*

Both of these incidents were made on FB where their families, friends, colleagues and even daughters are part of their network. I wonder what is in the head of these men. These are otherwise the most gentle, helpful and jovial men around in real life.

I didn’t want to remove them from my friends’ list. That would be akin to closing one eyes and pretend it didn’t happen. So I made noise.

The day I knew I was blessed with a child with a sensitive heart

My child displayed an emotion which I didn’t think was ever possible-at this age, that is. On Saturday morning, as usual I dragged N and was showering with hugs and kisses. I received the same from him. While all was going well, I decided to take his hand and touched my bare tummy with it. He had refused to acknowledge the pregnancy as I mentioned earlier. Thinking that I should gentle break the ice to my elder boy. Told him there’s a baby in it and that the baby is going to call him Anne. Perhaps he didn’t know that I would do that. That could explain the smile (or shock) before he moved away from me.

About an hour later, he called me to the other living room to play with him. I was supposed to sit with him on the floor. With my chronic backache and leg pain, I lied on the sofa. He insisted I sit on the floor. I told him I can’t as my leg was aching (it’s only the left leg). Anyway, before I could bring my down to the floor, he started crying. Crying real hard. Full of emotion.  Instead of getting down on the floor, I had to sit up and brought him closer to me.

With me hugging him, the crying continued. I didn’t know what to make of it. In the midst of pacifying him, I told alright, I will sit on the floor if that’s what he wants me to do. We will play whatever that is he wants. That is when I heard him say ‘Abba baby Abba baby baby baby’. Still crying. And holding me tight. I knew what my son was saying.

How could I be so insensitive to that child of mine.

Things to do in 2013

  • Get myself a tattoo post delivery
  • Lose considerable amount of weight
  • Better management of time
  • Allocate me time
  • Gym aside, I want to restart Barathanatyam
  • Diligently cook every day. Have more variety of food.
  • Take better care of myself 
  • To send little N for sangeetham lessons
  • Go for massage-as & when needed