Completed 5 months, Going on 6

Yup, nausea is back. Heartburn is also felt more frequently. Sleeping at night is still a problem. Can’t seem to sleep comfortably anymore. Am keeping wide awake at ungodly hours. Having morbid thoughts as well!!

We will be meeting the maid agency owner tomorrow. Hopefully, all goes well.
The gynae visit was cool. Though the first words of my gynae was, ‘Only 5 months and your tummy so big? Must be angin!’

Anyway, the month before, the gynae asked if we are interested to have a full baby scan (that is in other words, pay RM200 more). Hubby wanted to get it done. So, off we went to see the sonographer this month.  It was only partially done as the baby was breeched and was facing downwards. The gender was revealed, though couldn’t be confirmed 100% due to baby’s downward facing position. The remaining scan to be done next month.

The good doctor gave a fright too. My blood test indicates possible Thalassemia due to the red blood count was lesser than what it should be and the size in considerably smaller too. I looked at my husband, my husband looked at me. Not possible. Thalassemia is genetically passed down. How come my previous blood tests did not indicate this. So that was ruled out. I was asked to take iron laden food for I am now considered anemic.

Otherwise, all is well. Most importantly, so is the little one in the tummy.

Not only my tummy is considerable bigger. So is my bum!! 😦
More weight to lose post delivery.

The reasons for most of my ‘ugliness’ is well highlighted here.
Darkened skin
Hot flushes
Patches of pigmentation
Itchiness around tummy region
Dry skin

Catching Us Off-guard

Lil N seems to be stringing words into sentences nowadays. When you ask him what’s happening in the story book, he seems to say things like the lion is trapped, mouse is running etc. And I owe this primarily to my dad for patiently sitting with his grandson and reading to him.

N is now very comfortable saying his name. He kinda refused to say out his name previously. He now knows everyone’s name too.

He tells me names of songs he would want us to sing together. I thought it will be romantic to have a boyfriend/husband who could sing for me. God went one step further and gave me a son who could sing. A sing well he could. *proud mama*

I no longer have any problems with food. I don’t prepare anything special for him. He eats what we eat. Chocolate milk is something he loves. Soya bean is now his new favourite drink. Sometimes, it is quite a challenge to feed him cod liver oil. With his multivitamins, not so much. The boy actually asked for more vitamins the other day.

Lil N is capable of identifying certain letters of the alphabet. A, B,C, D, K, P, O, Z are some of the letters he wants me to write on a piece of paper for him.

He is also clever to psycho us parents. The other day, his father asked him not to do something. He immediately said that he wants to go to his grandma’s house!! This has been happening for quite sometime. When the day finally arrived (it was a long weekend given it was the Raya holidays, so we had lil N with us back home), he pulled the same stunt. I told him, ‘ok, come, Amma will take you to grandma’s house.’ Came the response, ‘don’t wantlah!’. Tau tak per!!

Sent him to mom’s place the next day. Felt so lonely coming back home. We are expediting the documentations necessary to bring in the maid. Fingers crossed, we would be having a maid soon.

N is 2 years 9 months 26 days old.

Nausea on and off

Unlike my first pregnancy, nausea for this baby seems to be lingering for quite a while. It starts at any time of the day and lasts for a few hours. Sometimes, it starts again in the evening. I am also suffering from bouts of angin where the urge to burp and the eventuality of it actually happening takes place quite often.

My back is a goner. I can’t lie on my back for long, neither I could sit for long. Heck, I can’t even stand for long!

I have said good byes to the gassy drinks. There’s no urge to sip those nowadays. I don’t miss them anyway. The good news is, I can now drink plain water, hot, cold or even at room temperature. Coffee cravings is still there. Took a mouthful of ice-cream from lil N, only to feel nauseous the very next moment. I hope this phase will wear-off post delivery. Can’t afford to lose another favourite!

Most importantly, I have started to cook again. Yaay.

And second most importantly, I have started to read too. Well, lil N was willing to allow me to read two issues of Reader’s Digest magazine back to back! At one point, he did take the magazines away and asked me to keep! 😀

Swollen Feet

My feet are prominently swollen now. I feel so warm till it’s so uncomfortable to doze-off. This even when the a/c is switched on at 16 Celsius!! When I finally fall asleep, I wake up an hour or so later. I am wide awake till 3-4 am. I am having sleepless nights.

Sometimes, I just don’t feel like eating anything due to loss of appetite. It doesn’t mean I am not hungry. Baby’s movements are more prominent now. I can feel him/her moving (flutter feel) and kicking from time to time.

And yes, my lower back hurts like hell. It just gets really terrible at times, like electricity going up my lower back. To the point, at times, I can’t even shift my weight to my left foot!

Did I mention I am also suffering from heartburn? Yes, I am having that quite frequently too!

Baby’s gender guessing game has started. 70% of the people say I am carrying a boy. The rest, a girl. The next OBG appointment and scanning is due next week. Let’s see who is inside. 😀

On another note, did I mention I ‘smell’ when I am pregnant. I’m not sure if it’s the hormones or the supplements, I have this distinct smell on me which I don’t quite like. So far, none of my family, friends, colleagues have said anything to me-yet. Either they are not aware and that it’s me who is now having a super sensitive nose OR they are just being nice!!

A short break at Concorde Hotel, KL

Before we could check in, the lil one wanted to jump into the pool. No thanks to the strategically located pool right after the carpark and just before the hotel lobby.

I had no choice but to get down to the pool. A timely appearance of the father, made us both come out of the water-still a third dry. God knows what would have transpired if not for the appearance. My hero. 😀

We managed to reach the lobby while the boy was semi wailing, demanding to be taken back to the pool. Another kind hearted soul, an angel in my eyes, gave the lil one a lollipop. That did the trick of letting go of the pool. Though the second mantra started right after receiving the lolly. ‘Open, Amma, open’. Managed to distract him till we got to the room.

He went around exploring the room. The first to be explored was the phone. I removed the network cord. After that, it was the mini fridge, dvd player, lights, drawers.

He had such fun in the pool. Flirting with all the Japanese, Korean and Chinese aunties. Made friends with other kids in the pool on his own.

When we asked him if he is ready to go back to the room, we were responded with a long nanananana-with shaking head and all.

We had to tipu him to get him out of the pool. ‘Uncle is closing the pool. We have to go now.’ Yup, that was the lie we resorted to use.

Certain milestones to be shared:

  • N no longer calls me ‘Abba’. It’s Amma. It sounds like nectar to my ears. 
  • His vocabulary has increased a lot. He could string sentences much better nowadays. Baby talk is still prevalent though he is using more of adult words.
  • He verbalises his needs more. Conversations are more adult to adult like. With scattering baby talk there and here.
  •  His father and I purposely switch on the audio player when we are in the car just to hear him singing. His favourite song now is R.Kelly’s I Believe Can Fly.

N is 2 years 9 months 11 days old.