Completed 6 months, Going on 7

I have put on 3.5kgs in one month! This amidst of me not eating much and controlling my food intake!
How now?!

The baby’s gender is now known. šŸ™‚

I did the maiden shopping for baby number two yesterday. Got him bottles, nappies, nappy liners and such.

It was a deliberate act. Now, you too know the baby’s gender. šŸ™‚
The kicks are getting harder and frequent too.

We have sort of decided on the maternity doctor. Need to get the records from the current medical centre in preparation to the next visit at the new hospital. Hope all goes well.

Lil N told this first thing on Sunday morning, ‘Thambi, don’t disturb Anne, ya!’.
He wants to talk his brother to the swimming pool. I have slowly building the bridge between the two by saying lil N will have his brother to play with, to share his toys with.

N isĀ 2 years 10 months 28 days old.


Ever wondered…?

Why the daugthers in law are always referred to as Maha Lakshmi?
Cos the bloody in laws wants money loaded, sweet young things for their sons/family, eh?

They would be asking for trouble if DILs were to be Saraswathi or Parvathi, wouldn’t they? Hahaha

This though has always been on my mind. Why Lakshmi? Why not either of the other two? Why not all three personified? Why at all?

Something to think about, isn’t it?

Talks about the Three Goddesses
This one talks about the Trinity of Gods


Here comes theĀ dilemmaĀ of every second time around parents.

Should we spend money on the second child as much as we did for the first one? Ā 

Honestly, yes. I want to be fair to both. That doesn’t mean I am going to buy clothes and otherĀ reusableĀ items from start. Rather, I am referring to theĀ non reusableĀ necessities like feeding bottles,Ā diaper,Ā nappies etc.

For little N, we went the easy way out. Everything and anything was branded. We equated the brands with quality. Now that we are a bit more wiser (note the ‘a bit more’ part hehehe), do we really need spend x2, x3 even x4 times the amount on a product with the same functionality which can be done by any other brands?

Something to ponder isn’t?

Instead of being honest, I want to be rational. As long as a product functions just the same though is cheaper, of good quality and is safe for my baby, I will go for it. It will take more time to to research and I am sure trial and error would be apparent. At the end of the day, I am willing to go for it.

Wish me luck!