Don’t know whether to laugh or to cry!

“I would like the “modern” ladies to read this and give it a thought. Undoubtedly, a noticeable thaali gets instant respect for the one wearing it by most of the men.”

The above was posted by a man in an on-line forum I frequent, in a thread on Thaali a.k.a Mangala Sutra.

I think I will laugh it out aloud!!

Firstly, I am one of those modern ladies who indeed wears a Thaali. Secondly, the instant respect thingy is way beyond my comprehension!! So what is he saying? Ladies wouldn’t be get hit on if they are wearing a Thaali? Is being hit on is a bad thing? Seriously? Of course, I am not saying it’s nice to get hit on by a pervert (not that a pervert only targets singletons) , but a nice compliment or two from the opposite sex wouldn’t kill you, would it?

I wear the Thaali. Heck, I like wearing the Thaali and felt good wearing it. Don’t ask me why. It just gave me that romantic feel to it. It made me feel feminine. The yellow thread looked just as awesome as a newly married bride though I moved on to the gold chain later for convenience sake-I didn’t have to ‘colour’ the thread and risk having a yellow neck for a few days of colouring it.

The often spoken about snatch thefts didn’t bother me a bit. I had to remove it though when the chain got entangled a few times and resulted in one of the thinner chains which maketh the thick chain gave way-resulting in painful scratches on my neck. So off went the Thali for safe-keeping. No regrets whatsoever though I  will put it back on once the Thaali is mended.

The point I want to make is that, I did not wear the Thaali due to compulsion or culture. I simply found it romantic to wear one. Certainly NOT because:

  • it is my husband’s life insurance. *eyes rolling*
  • the respect it garners. Huh? What respect? As though it will stop a pervert!!
  • it shows I am married. And that’s a valid point because? I don’t get it!!

3rd Birthday Preparation

My baby is sure growing up! He is soon to be three come this Saturday. Time sure flies! 😀
I have ordered the cake, while the father has ordered the food from a nearby restaurant. I will be making ghee rice at home.

This birthday party will be among our immediate families of 10 people only. My parents, siblings and his parents. Last year was a quiet affair with only the three of us at home with a cake for the birthday boy.

This year, nah, lil N deserves more than that. He is afterall his amma’s lil darling.

I was wondering how come there’s no sign of fever yet. He has always fell ill before his birthday. True enough, mom called to say he has slight flu and temperature. Me and my big mouth. Old wives’ tale states that children would experience a growth spurt. And the picture taken last year on his birthday shows a very very skinny N.

Hope all goes well and a certain adult behaves well. *eyes rolling*

N is 2 years 11 months 29 days old.

It was a busy week at work

What I didn’t like was the lack of professionalism displayed by two people at work. This is not something new from them. When they need my help ((in other words pick my brain for their lack of competence), they come with with smiley face & all. Mind you, these are fellow managers themselves, not entry level staff.

It was never an issue for me to share knowledge with one and all. As a manager, it is important for everyone in the department to be knowledgeable about what we do as it helps both the department AND organisation grow together.

So much so, I see that they have become too reliant on me. The simplest thing seems to be a herculean task to these individuals. They gather the necessary info and points from me and regurgitate to those who asked them the vital questions and or clarifications originally.

The best part is, when the original poser probes them more, these two individuals probe me in return as though I am answerable to them. WTF! It is this part which annoys me.

I got mad at one of them recently. It started with the same flow initially. This time, when she came the second time around with the intention of probing me, I asked her the same questions she asked me. She was taken aback and wasn’t normal towards me for the next two days. If she was offended, she didn’t show it. It looked more like she was annoyed with me for making her think and answer me instead of me handing over the info in a silver platter. *eyes rolling*

Roasted Chicken Slices

This is what I made for lunch last Sunday

Chicken slices marinaded with
Margarine (original recipe asked for butter)
Chillie powder (original recipe asked for chillie paste)
Black pepper

Pre heat oven to 200 celcius
Roast for about 50 minutes at 150 celcius.

Yummy roasted chicken slices are ready. Ate it with home made chicken rice prepared with home-made chicken stock. Can you see me gloating? 😀

Nothing short of surprises

The littlest things we teach or show the small ones are actually absorbed by them though the ‘absorption’ is not seen with the naked eyes of the parents.

N said vanakkam to the temple priest when we went to the temple last Saturday. And it all started as something fun at home weeks earlier. After bath, I would towel dry N and tie his white towel around his tiny waist. As the towel resembles veshthi, I would say vanakkam to him and him in return to me. All way the both of us would be giggling and laughing till he gets dressed as the vanakkams would be exchanged continuously.

So when N saw the temple priest in a veshthi, naturally he said vanakkam-catching me, his father and the temple priest by surprise.

I could see N made the priest’ day with his chirpy vanakkam.

N is 2 years 11 months 20 days old.

OBGY records

Went to see my regular OBGY last week to collect my records in preparation of seeing a new one. Did one last scan there. Baby is fine. Mommy had put on only 500gms, baby is about 1kg. The Dr also mentioned my placenta is low, but nothing to worry.

I had my hair cut the other day as the weekend weather was so hot & shitty. The heat was unbearable and I was feeling extremely tired. Therefore, off I went to my usual salon and told the stylist I don’t want to tie my hair and cut it like boys’. It looked better than my long, coarse thick hair. That is until I reached home. *sigh* After having my hair bath, I could have easily been cast for an episode of Downton Abbey. Seriously! I am not kidding!

And then, the other thing is, my face is lesser puffy than before. Not to mention, my tummy is not as high as it was either. I think I better start washing newborn baby clothes and prepare my maternity bag. Just in case.

Toy box

I have finally completed the project of setting up twos of everything for N. The finale of course was his toy box.

Shopping for baby in the tummy 2 was put on hold this week as there isn’t much that I need to buy besides diaper  toiletries and some angin meds. And yes, my hospital bag is also pending. Baby’s clothes will be washed once the maid comes in. Haha, man proposes…

N grew a tail last weekend. He is a feisty child, no doubt about that. But last week, I had to resort to hitting him on his legs for deliberately kicking me in spite of telling him numerous times not to. He said, ‘Amma, sowwee, sowwee. N clever boy,’ after getting whacked.

That’s lil N. 😀

N is 2 years 11 months 12 days old.


Someone mistook my comments as an opposite reflection of her thoughts, though in reality my comments were entirely based on some other matter not related to her own, should I make the move of clarifying to her? Or should I leave it as it is? No one has said anything direct to me though ironically the timing of my comments and her subtle hints couldn’t be any closer than this.

Perhaps I am just being paranoid?

Have you ever wondered

Why some are mean to others when they are in good mood and then do a 180 degrees turn when they are down?

And then there are some who go on with their sob stories and then make an uncalled for , equally unexpected statements demeaning you after they have poured out their heart?

What to make out of them?

Last but not least, why would a strong and independent woman who talks about putting men in their place doesn’t allow her sons to wash their own plates? The sister gets the privilege instead!

These are the three different women from different generations, backgrounds but with similar education level I know for quite sometime now. Needless to say, none are my good friends.