Don’t know whether to laugh or to cry!

“I would like the “modern” ladies to read this and give it a thought. Undoubtedly, a noticeable thaali gets instant respect for the one wearing it by most of the men.”

The above was posted by a man in an on-line forum I frequent, in a thread on Thaali a.k.a Mangala Sutra.

I think I will laugh it out aloud!!

Firstly, I am one of those modern ladies who indeed wears a Thaali. Secondly, the instant respect thingy is way beyond my comprehension!! So what is he saying? Ladies wouldn’t be get hit on if they are wearing a Thaali? Is being hit on is a bad thing? Seriously? Of course, I am not saying it’s nice to get hit on by a pervert (not that a pervert only targets singletons) , but a nice compliment or two from the opposite sex wouldn’t kill you, would it?

I wear the Thaali. Heck, I like wearing the Thaali and felt good wearing it. Don’t ask me why. It just gave me that romantic feel to it. It made me feel feminine. The yellow thread looked just as awesome as a newly married bride though I moved on to the gold chain later for convenience sake-I didn’t have to ‘colour’ the thread and risk having a yellow neck for a few days of colouring it.

The often spoken about snatch thefts didn’t bother me a bit. I had to remove it though when the chain got entangled a few times and resulted in one of the thinner chains which maketh the thick chain gave way-resulting in painful scratches on my neck. So off went the Thali for safe-keeping. No regrets whatsoever though I  will put it back on once the Thaali is mended.

The point I want to make is that, I did not wear the Thaali due to compulsion or culture. I simply found it romantic to wear one. Certainly NOT because:

  • it is my husband’s life insurance. *eyes rolling*
  • the respect it garners. Huh? What respect? As though it will stop a pervert!!
  • it shows I am married. And that’s a valid point because? I don’t get it!!


3 thoughts on “Don’t know whether to laugh or to cry!

  1. Absolutely agree with the points you made. It is not a compulsion for us but MIL got me a small simple black beaded one when I got married.

    Initially I was not used to it, but later I started liking it and wore it for the exact reasons you mentioned. But now I'm bored of it again and don't wear it.

    One more thing is I have very bad experiences with gold jewellery. I don't take care of them much and I broke many chains. But I'm sure when I'm back to India, MIL would want me to wear it daily. I'll see what my mind says then. 🙂

  2. The irony in my case was, my MIL wanted me to remove the Thaali just before I started work after marriage. As the price of gold was sky rocketing, rogues were generally eyeing anything gold for easy money. With that, came the rational from MIL to have me remove my Thaali. Of course, like any other 'evil' daughters in law, I kept it on. *wink*

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