Feeling odd

It is 1am and I am wide awake. I am having headache and the baby has been very very active too. Unusually active. Stomach has tightened too and I feel like passing gas though I can’t. Weird huh? Stomach is quite painful and am feeling discomfort down there too.

It was ‘wind’ a.k.a intestine problem and not due to labour. Phew! Eventually, went to bed at about 2am. Only to have the same pain at about 10am. Got really frightened by this time. Went to the OBGY and was strapped to a machine to check  if I am having contractions. It was a resounding no.

Let’s see when this little one finally decides to come out and say hello to the world! 😀


Completed 8 months, Going on 9

I have made peace with Dr Liew. He called me a good girl. 😀 I had put on 300gms in the last two weeks, of which 250gms went to make up baby’s weight. Only 50gms was into me. Sugar level was very slightly high based on the triple sugar tests I did the week before. Nothing to worry about as the doctor was pleased with the result.

I was asked to see him again in two weeks time. I would need to go to the delivery suit to monitor the baby for thirty minutes prior to seeing him.

It’s back to work this Thursday, after nearly three weeks hiatus.

Time Management

Honestly, I don’t think I managed my time at home that well when we moved to our own home when lil N was much smaller. It surely improved along the way and is seeing better times. Now that the arrival of the second one is due soon (err in about 11/2 months), I’m kinda stressed. Would I be able to cope with time in managing two little ones? I surely hope so to.

I’m starting to have pain on my crotch area on the left. Nausea doesn’t seem to go away, so does the occasional heartburn. I’m also experiencing sharp pain right beneath my tummy. Sometimes, it’s on the left, now it’s on the right. Google says its due to ligament pull.

N on the other hand has become ‘naughty’. He is a feisty boy who can’t sit still. An active child, but never naughty. Nowadays, however, he expects to be carried (more by me. He ‘cries’ for the simplest of things. He doesn’t want to change to clean clothes nor does he wants to have his soiled diaper changed. I have to run after him, grab him and forcefully carry him to the toilet to wash him up. Mom says that’s due to the baby in tummy. N is asserting himself, it seems.

On a good note, I see the love N and his appa have for each other. Appa is enjoying spending time with N. It is so obvious he is looking forward to see his son and is clearly cherishing the father-son moments. It makes me happy and fulfilled. I know for a fact now that my husband will keep his sons in mind first and foremost. Their needs come first. I’m so proud of him. Appa has arrived. 😀

One of the best, post marriage Deepavali I had

Deepavali was truly fun and relaxing this year. And I could have been home with a baby
in tow, too. Hahaha. More of it can be read here:
What a whirlwind week it was

Of the planned sweets, I only made coconut candy & nei urundai. Besan laddu was a tragedy even before I got started. The many shop assistants didn’t know what Besan was and I didn’t know it’s tamil name as well. So there went my planned Besan laddu for the big day.

I’m at my parents’ place, just lazing around as I’m allowed to touch and do nothing. I was given 3 weeks of medical leave. Minus the one week of planned annual leave for Deepavali, I have another 2 weeks to go. Though, I think I will work from home next week and subsequently, resume work till whenever the baby ready to pop out. The due date is in mid of January 2013 anyway.

My next doctor’s appointment is this Friday. Till then, it’s self monitoring of both my blood pressure and baby’s movements at home.

What a whirlwind week it was!

Last Wednesday, I went to work as usual only to have headache just like the previous day. The aches very similar to what I had for lil N which resulted in emergency c-section at precisely 36 weeks. I was contemplating whether I should go to the GP to get my bp checked or to see my OBGY. OBGY it was. Dr Ng was on leave so I saw a another doctor in the medical centre. 

Didn’t expect to hear what she said though. Bp was high at 140/100 and my amniotic fluid reading was at 7, instead of the norm 30. She asked if I came alone. Asked me to call my husband immediately when I said yes. Since I plan to have the delivery in Assunta Hospital, I got the referral letter and was asked to go there immediately. Injection to strengthen the baby lungs in preparation of emergency c-section was the talk.

I have not washed the baby’s clothes was what running in my mind then!!

Reached Assunta at 12.55pm only to be told Dr Liew’s clinic was closed. Now what options do we have? Looked for another consultant whom we could see as soon as possible. Decided on the older OBGY called Dr Catherine Loo. She checked my bp and said it was at 130/90. Immediately, she took out her name card and scribbled three ‘meds’ on it, telling my husband to buy it from her pharmacy. We were abit clueless. Her pharmacy? Apparently, the Dr has her own practice else where. It seems the items she ‘perscribed’ is not held by the hospital. We were also told not to tell anyone as the hospital would charge us.

Water level was checked and acknowledged that it was low indeed. The concern now is to stabilise the mother, so off I was wheeled for admission. Seriously. 

For some strange reason, I’m unable to complete this post despite of almost typing out the content a few times. So, the gist of the post is:

  • I was admitted for high bp
  • Could have had an emergency c-section at 30 weeks 6 days
  • Potentially taken for a ride by the second OBGY who was bent on overcharging us
  • The three supposed ‘meds’ which are not ‘carried’ by the hospital were magnesium tablets, a small made in China massage device and a noni drink which was to be applied on my calves.
  • Any questions asked to the second OBGY was returned with ‘Do as I say.’ What?
  • I was nearly  not discharged the following day as the ENT specialist has to clear me too. Don’t ask the relevance. I was recovering from flu and thus was referred to him. I was already on meds for that. Inspite of that, I was nearly held back for another day.  That is until hubby dearest made noise-my hero. 😀
  • Did I mention I was put on the normal drip for six hours after the initial vitamin c drip which lasted for twelve hours followed by another vitamin c drip?
  • I was asked to come over her clinic every day to monitor the baby. A 10 mins visit cost me RM206. Oh yes, the three ‘meds’ my hubby was asked to buy costed another RM260. These are the Dr’s clinic charges so to speak, excluding the hospital charges.
  • I was nearly given the injection to strengthen the baby’s lungs-in preparation for a c-section
  • Hubby was just not pleased. He said we should go for a second opinion. So off we went to see the good Dr Liew. The actual Dr we were supposed to see, ie, referred to.
  • He was a no nonsense Dr. First he collected my pregnancy history. Checked me. Didn’t seem that concerned with the water level. Asked me to monitor the baby’s movements. If movements are less than 10 by mid day, I was asked to come see him immediately. Must drink 3 litters of water every day. My appointment was fixed at two weeks later.
  • And he called me fat. Asked me to control my diet. He failed to realise that I had only put on 500g in the last month. 
  • I’m now on medical leave.

It’s that time of the year again!


is just around the corner!
Some updates on the preparation done so far and to be done in the coming days:
  • I have bought only a pair of jeans for N. I would probably buy two other pairs of pants as the used ones still fit him well. As for tops, I may buy one more t-shirt as he has quite a number of unused tops to wear. 
  • No new clothes for me as I don’t intend to spend money on maternity clothes which would be in use for another two months or so. Husband has his new unused Jippa from India
  • I don’t think I am in the best of form to make any cookies. Though I intend to make besan laddu, coconut candy, nei urundai and sitthurundai at home. Ambitious, I know.
  • Indian savouries like murukku, achu murukku and mixture will be store bought for both home and office
  • Deepavali decor will be brought out on the eve 
  • Perhaps, I might get those stick on kolam
  • Am thinking if I should have a Deepavali get-together with the families
Wish list:
  • My aquarium is what I call now a Japanese Liquid Garden. Don’t bother Googling as it is a self-coined term. I hope hubby will eventually come to wash and clean it before Deepavali at least.
  • Some paint touch up to be done here and there. Again, I hope it is done before 2013 Deepavali.