Weekend Project

Jazz’s mouth watering briyani


One of the best, post marriage Deepavali I had

Deepavali was truly fun and relaxing this year. And I could have been home with a baby
in tow, too. Hahaha. More of it can be read here:
What a whirlwind week it was

Of the planned sweets, I only made coconut candy & nei urundai. Besan laddu was a tragedy even before I got started. The many shop assistants didn’t know what Besan was and I didn’t know it’s tamil name as well. So there went my planned Besan laddu for the big day.

I’m at my parents’ place, just lazing around as I’m allowed to touch and do nothing. I was given 3 weeks of medical leave. Minus the one week of planned annual leave for Deepavali, I have another 2 weeks to go. Though, I think I will work from home next week and subsequently, resume work till whenever the baby ready to pop out. The due date is in mid of January 2013 anyway.

My next doctor’s appointment is this Friday. Till then, it’s self monitoring of both my blood pressure and baby’s movements at home.

It’s that time of the year again!


is just around the corner!
Some updates on the preparation done so far and to be done in the coming days:
  • I have bought only a pair of jeans for N. I would probably buy two other pairs of pants as the used ones still fit him well. As for tops, I may buy one more t-shirt as he has quite a number of unused tops to wear. 
  • No new clothes for me as I don’t intend to spend money on maternity clothes which would be in use for another two months or so. Husband has his new unused Jippa from India
  • I don’t think I am in the best of form to make any cookies. Though I intend to make besan laddu, coconut candy, nei urundai and sitthurundai at home. Ambitious, I know.
  • Indian savouries like murukku, achu murukku and mixture will be store bought for both home and office
  • Deepavali decor will be brought out on the eve 
  • Perhaps, I might get those stick on kolam
  • Am thinking if I should have a Deepavali get-together with the families
Wish list:
  • My aquarium is what I call now a Japanese Liquid Garden. Don’t bother Googling as it is a self-coined term. I hope hubby will eventually come to wash and clean it before Deepavali at least.
  • Some paint touch up to be done here and there. Again, I hope it is done before 2013 Deepavali.