Just for the record!

Another distinguishing element between psychopathy and sociopathy is the presentation. He/she will con and manipulate with charm and intimidation, has the ability to present himself/herself as normal to society. The psychopath is organized in his/her thoughts and behavior, he/she maintains good physical and emotional control while committing a crime, displaying little to no emotional even under situations of an overt pressure or that are threatening to his/her existence. On the other hand, the sociopath is less organized, he/she might be quick to display rage, nervousness, agitation. A sociopath is likely to spontaneously act out in inappropriate manner, snap out in rage, without thinking about the consequences.

Read more http://depressiond.com/sociopath-vs-psychopath-differences-between-psychopathic-sociopathic-personality-disorders/

It sums it up so well!


Performance Review

I had a good one this year, not that it has been bad in the recent years. ūüėČ
One thing I liked about this year’s review was that my pregnancy was not mentioned at all and I was solely reviewed based on my performance.

There was no, “Yeah, you are pregnant and it is understandable” shit given. I work my ass off and have never used my pregnancy as an excuse for anything. Let it be deadlines or meeting engagements which were rescheduled back to back. Heck, till today, I stay at work till after 7pm when needed.

And I am glad that my manager has acknowledged in a way that my pregnancy was not used as an excuse and that I was reviewed as an able person. If it were the other way, I would have been very, very insulted.

It is not easy being pregnant and I vouch for that. Nor is this pregnancy easy on me. No, it isn’t. Even now. That doesn’t mean I get to use it as an ‘insurance’ of sorts when I can’t get things done.

Boy, I deserve a pat on my back!! ūüėõ

Seriously? Ever Possible?

That is not me!
Coming to the post now, will I ever, ever get back to my pre wedding body shape (I used to have a body like that actress above)? Heck, I even had it it back for sometime after I had lil N.

Only to balloon to 60kgs before I got pregnant this time again.¬†I am¬†continue ballooning. 75.6kgs is what I weigh now (as of last week’s measurement). And I am only 5 feet tall.

From 51kgs to 75.6kgs-that’s a whopping 24.6kgs to lose!

Monumental task, is it not? *sigh*

My Crown Prince

In all these labour tamasya, I think I overlooked to note the most important milestone both for¬†us as parents and for lil N. The little one has been registered¬†in a play school for 2013 session. My baby is going to a play school! Can you believe that because¬†I can’t!!

Took him along to show his play school and to try on his uniform last Saturday. He was very excited seeing the play equipments and what nots. His school bag is almost wider than him. Got him two pairs of black shoes and pairs of socks. Water bottle and¬† food container and pencils and erazers bought. I can’t believe I have started stationery shopping for my little baby!

The best of all, my baby will have ‘proper’ syllabus like Math, English, Bahasa, Science and Moral!!

We have arranged for a private transport and that is my biggest concern. Would he be able to cope riding in a car with a stranger? Would he sit still? Will he be reprimanded by the driver? Will he be safe? The mommy paranoia has started to kick in.

On another note, N has become my ‘shadow’ more than ever. He wants me to be within arm’s length at all times.

At Sunway Pyramid

Falsies after Falsies

Each time I think today is the D-day, I would finally fall asleep and leave for work the next day.
Too many brush-ins with me experiencing all kinds of ‘signs’ that says this is it. Only that, it is not it!!
*eyes rolling*

So, here I am back at work, after having a sleepless night for nearly 4 hours waiting for the backache and hard tummy to progress to real labour. Only for me to dose off out of exhaustion. *sigh*

I have¬†doctor’s appointment this Friday, like I had mentioned in the previous post.

Let’s see if I am back soon after that to chronicle the events.

Completed week 37, Going on week 38

Saw the OBG today. Did the CGT test today as well. Baby is fine and healthy. Baby’s weight is the same as last week at 2.5kg though mom has put on another 900g. This brings mom’s total weight to 76.5kg.

The doctor said since my sugar level is slightly high, he wouldn’t give more time after the due date. So he asked if I prefer c-section or normal. Since I’m still traumatised over my last c-section, I told him I prefer normal delivery. Since he said he wouldn’t wait and that normal delivery is possible, I asked him if we could do it sooner than the due date, that is to bring forward the date. Surprise, surprise! The doctor said yes. He would induce me anyway.

The decision will be made on my next appointment, on the 28th.