A very pleasant surprise!

My husband actually remembered our anniversary. To be precise, he actually stayed awake till 12 and sms’ed me!

Baby, you made my day. 😀


A note to self in 2013

I am now a mommy of two.
I need to control my emotions more and not behave hastily and chew off husband’s head when it comes to ‘them’. ‘Them’ here does not refer to my kids! 
Wake up early, really early on weekends
Spend time wisely and on things which makes me happy
Cook more variety of food, indulge in baking
Read more.
I’m happy to note that my tv viewing time was great in 2012
Leave workplace at 5pm sharp. This is something I was unable to keep up even when I was heavily pregnant.
Not to be too aggressive at work and be nice to scheming idiots and those with hidden agenda
Do not have expectations when it comes to relationship. Perhaps, I’m just too romantic for my own liking or a sucker for wanting smaller things in life like just the two of us going for a movie once in a while.
Don’t eat too much and watch my weight. No matter how tempting my own cooked food is. 😀