Rashes on his face and rashes on his bum-that’s what the lil one has now. He has been colicky the past few days. Otherwise, he is such a delightful baby. Totally unlike lil N when he was a newborn.

Talking about lil N, I get orders from him to put the lil D ‘in the coat’ or ‘don’t carry thambi’ or simply have me hold his bottle while he is drinking milk.

Hubby says that I am paying more attention on lil N compared to lil D. Truth to be told, N tires me with his newfound antics! Unnecessary crying and screamings are still there, though those has lessen a lot.

Doctor’s appointment

Had my first post-natal appointment today after six weeks. Did pap-smear for the first time and it was painless. It was done with so quickly, so much so I didn’t even know the doctor had completed the procedure.

And oh yes, my doctor couldn’t recognise me. The pregnant and not-pregnant me do not look alike. NOT even remotely. That said, I have another 3 kgs of pregnancy weight and another 4 kgs of pre-pregnancy weight to loose to get to my ideal size.

Wish me luck!!

Second in line

The only times baby D would cry is when he is hungry, wet/passed motion or when he is having colic discomfort. He becomes his serene self after being burped. Otherwise, he doesn’t cry and sleeps well on his own. He is such a gem.

He is on NAN 1 and consumes about 120ml at each feed. Sometimes he drinks his milk fast. On other times, he takes about 30 minutes. He dozes off midway during those times. Burping him is relatively easy. So much so, at times, he burps himself!!

The bond between momma and baby D is getting stronger. I miss him when I am running errands out of the house. Who said love cannot be shared? That too equally? It is very much possible and something which I am experiencing first hand. I can’t express the joy it brings me to see and be with my two angels!

Good Progress

I barely hit N nowadays. I have minimised the shouting part too. Instead, we are spending more quality time together and I can see the changes in him too. Not that he is no longer naughty or is not bothering his brother, but the screaming and unnecessary cry has reduced a lot.

The child was crying for my attention and this idiot of a mom didn’t realise it then. It has definitely been a moment of truth and a learning experience for me. If at all he yells or screams at the top f his lungs, I choose to ‘go deaf’. It has helped so far.