The Brothers

The boys share a special bond. I am not denying the first couple of months were trying as N was extremely mischievous with sibling rivalry and all. It did not help a bit that most of his mischiefs
were directed at.

That said, minus the occasional hand/ankle grippings which got stronger and attempts to carry his lil brother here and there, N was pretty much loving brother. He did not ‘disturb’ D much.

I wasn’t afraid to leave N alone with D. That doesn’t mean that I was prepared to leave them both unsupervised even when I was in the kitchen cooking.

The thing is, I am seeing them both interacting in their own ways. The way each other looks into the eyes, the way they react seeing each other, the smallest action by the elder brother sees the younger one smiling, the way the elder one gently holds the younger one’s hands. When he doesn’t leave the younger brother lying on the mat unattended. Nevermind, he was playing with his toys with undivided attention or even watching his shows on tv or when using the Ipad.

The moment we adults leave the living room, N takes his position next to his brother. Sometimes, leaving behind everything that he was doing, or simply move closer to his brother and continue doing what he was. Sometimes, he simply sits with his brother talking to him and holding hands. Sometimes, he just holds his brother’s hand without saying anything.

If this is amazing to me and renders my heart soft, it is even more heartwarming to see the lil one holding or touching his brother in return. And the look! The one which affectionly looks at his older brother with so much love!

A break

The hubby and I attended a wedding last evening. Yes, a wedding in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on a Monday evening!

The plan was to leave the boys at mom’s for the night in case we are running late after the wedding ceremony and makan-makan.

Fast-forward, we decided to go out. The out became a movie! With that, the hubby and I watched the Fast & Furious 6. *Grinning widely*

Throughout the night, both of us were thinking about the boys. Badly. It was worse when we reached home to change clothes and later when we reached home after the movie.

Nevertheless, it was a good night out for us parents. A much needed one in that!

And that’s why God created mothers

I was having my bath in the morning when I heard hubby calling out my name. I turned off the shower and heard him say D is crying. I quickly wrapped the towel around me as I heard him too and came out to see hubby walking back to the bed with both eyes closed. Dashed to the baby cot only to see D on his tummy and stuck. He wanted to be put on his back, thus the cry. And I was all wet and was dripping from head to toe. The aircond AND the fan was on full blast!

The bed is nearer to the baby cot
Hubby could have looked into the cot to check on baby D
You have to pass by the baby cot to get to the bathroom
If only hubby opened his eyes and saw what was bothering the baby!

*eyes rolling*


At the time when I was wondering if my baby is aware that I am his mother, baby D proved just that. Well, of course he smiles and cooes at me and all. He so does that to other family members too. Then, a couple of days later, hubby called to say that baby D has started to cry just a traffic light short to our house.

I was all ready to carry him the moment the car stops at the porch like I always do. I could hear him wailing. As the car was about to come to a standstill, I realised the maid was carrying him. Yet, he was wailing and I could even see some tears in his eyes through the window.

The best thing happened next. I open the door and immediately carried him off the maid. Even before I could place him on my chest, he stopped crying. Just like that!

I gave him the one of the biggest kisses and followed by many more there and then!! 😀

Talk about mommy insecurities!