Rotting in Hell

I am so gonna rot in hell!


Father’s Day

was celebrated with a bang. First was with dad at home. The next one was at my house once hubby was back from his office team building activity.

This time, I baked a cake. And turned out well it did.

Lil N and I went for a collegue’s son’s birthday. It was a fun indeed, meeting new people and all. All in all, it was a a good long weekend spent well! 🙂


Stranger anxiety

Baby D could very recognise faces. He looks at faces and cry shortly after. The in laws are casualties!You should see the way he wriggles seeing his Appa! He is all smiles and eager for his father to carry him!

Lullaby-unlike N, D only likes certain nursery rhymes. These are Baa baa black sheep, Are you sleeping, London bridge & Incy Wincy spider. *Sigh* The child number two behavior is kicking in already!

Milestone char (one to six months)

D is at advance stage for his 5 months self.