Another headache-a costlier one in that!

No amount of prep talk, threats, silent treatment, salary cut has remotely has put any sense into the maid’s head.

Laziness, I will do it as slowly as possible at one time, I will flare up the flame when frying fish just to finish frying faster attitude at the other, I don’t care a shit attitude, slipping hygiene habits, the lies has been pissing me off. So much so, I don’t even want to look at her face nowadays.

The boiling point came last weekend. It was not good that the weekend was a long one, given Friday was a public holiday. Did I mentione her stubborness? And that she prefers talking to my husband?

There was once, she stayed back at my parents’. I had one of the most relaxing weekened that week. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, housework, all were a breeze.

I can’t live like this in my own house because of this bloody woman. What more, I am paying her a salary, a steep one in that. I will have to find a way to control my emotions with this woman, till next March at least. That’s when I can legally transfer her for good!

I am in a conundrum! Stupid maid!

The maid is here maid is here (the start of misery)
Rotting in hell


Mee Goreng Mamak

I could make a kick ass mee goreng mamak at home. The noodles will be wiped off the same day. Every time. When a dear mentor cum colleague was leaving the organisation, another colleague of mine and I decided to bring his favourite food to the office to have a small gathering every day on his last week of work.

The D-day came and it was my turn to make the infamous mee goreng mamak. It was a disaster. The noodles was dry like hell and branch like! I was so disappointed. That was the last time I ever made mee goreng mamak.

Two years later, out of lack of time to cook normal Indian dishes, I grabbed the yellow noodles and some other ingredients on the go. Guess what, I got my groove in making the mee goreng mamak all over again.



  • a potluck date is moved just so you could be part of it
  • a freaking team building event is moved to accomodate your free time

it is hightime to be thankful that you are much loved and surrounded by good people who value you so much!

Shoes & Bags & Clothes

I can have as many as 6 pairs of shoes at any given time. What do I do? I would wear the same chosen pair till it wears out! Genius, eh!

I used to do the same for handbags as well. Sanity prevailed, whereby I now make conscious efforts to change those according to needs and events.
Clothes-one good trait of mine is that, I clean my wardrobe quite often nowadays. Note the word in bold. Had to stress that. I give aways clothes that don’t fit. I no longer hold on to the belief that it will fit me one fine day. I don’t see getting myself any thinner anytime soon. So, there it goes.

Sunway Lagoon

We started the day early by leaving baby D with parents. After packing change clothes, water, some packet milk and biscuits for N, off we went for breakfast to an Indian restaurant. Roti Canai for N and Rava thosai for myself. Hubby had nasi lemak.

The reason of my digression with the mention of what we had for breakfast is this. N told his father not to eat. Why? Wait for uncle to bring a plate. Uncle here referring to the waiter at the restaurant. Wait because the father was eating nasi lemak off the packaging!! After a hearty breakfast, we now headed to Sunway Lagoon. Parked at Sunway Pyramid parking lot and took the elevator down. Met another family who were heading to Lagoon. Together off we reached Sunway Lagoon. The reason for this trip? Well, we didn’t take N for a break during the last school holidays.

Once there, we had to wait in queu for almost 30 minutes to buy the tickets. As Murphy would have it, we (well hubby) was at the slowest moving and people buying for many others que. Those who had lined up behind hubby and moved counters and those who reached much later but headed to other counters had their tickets inhand while hubby was barely inching to the counter!!

When opportunity arised, I quickly signaled hubby to head to another counter. Before we knew it, the wristbands were in hand! The Sunway Lagoon is cashless. So, we have to top up the wirstband with some value to buy food, drinks, rental of float etc. There were many places to reload once you enter the park as well.

Took some photos with Micheal Jackson and a lady in white. I don’t know who she was! N took photos with Peterpan and Captain Hook and some cowboys/girls later on.

We got into the wave beach at about 10.50am only to emerge for food at 3.30pm. Besides occasional visits to other water area and a longer break for lunch, the rest of the time spent was at the man made beach. Both N and I are sunkissed. N enjoyed so much till he himself told me that we should get changed. The little one stayed in the water till his heart’s content. Mind you, he had slight flu and was coughing there and here on Saturday. I didn’t want to use that an excuse to cancel the trip.

The Wave beach where we spent the most time

Weather was good. Well, at least for me as I am not fussy about being in the hot sun. The place was clean. After having shower and changing to clean clothes, we ventured to other parts of the park. To the toddler-friendly areas. Which means, we didn’t venture to the Extreme & Scream Parks. Hubby meanwhile went for some water rides while I was with N.

The longest suspension bridge. Gave me the creeps. Walked back after reaching half way mark.

The 5D show was a mistake as N was terrified. He was holding on to his father and crying with fear. Hubby had to move seats to be next to me so that I could console the child. Poor thing. It was a learning experience for all of us. Thank god, N being N, he moved on to other stuff effortlessly.


Some areas were not accessible or not a good sight since maintenance works were going on. Those were very very minor setbacks as our family’s main area of attraction was the Wave beach! It is the fasting month, so not many people were there either.

All in all, it was a fun experience. Can’t wait for D to get bigger to bring him to the park. We reached home by 6.10pm. Hubby went to fetch D. After feeding both the boys, it was time for snoozeland.

The end.