Changed…yet again- A brief summary for June

I made changes to the appearances of all my blogs today. God knows how many times I have done this in the course of seven years.

From changing the blog address, name, description, the looks and feel of it! Heck, I even reorganised the labels once, or twice maybe!

That said, June has been ‘spend on technology’ month. The Ipad mini, I have blogged. Next comes the Sony smart phone. And air cond for the guest room.

I have successfully completed reading 2 of Agatha Christie books and 50 Shades of Grey. Looking forward to read the next book but yet to decide on which one. Made a few purchases this year. I would eventually choose one from here or read this one.

The boys are growing right under my nose. It is very pleasing to the eyes to see a toddler and a baby interacting with each other. It is event more pleasing to see adults going all kid-like when they are with the babies.

Work front
No complaint. Hectic there and here. That’s about it. Not much of a drama

Most of my friends are my colleagues. Good ones in that. So not much of a drama there. Unless, it is me creating it! hahaha. The new experience now is that, we have had a couple of family get togethers. Mainly, with 3 families. No drama and complaints there either. It helps to have like minded crazy beings to let loose together.

The first ever girls only stay out, was organised a month earlier and well executed in June. Yeayy to us 3 mommies!

All in all, June was a socially ept month with many exciting events and purchases taking place. Good.

The not so good, annoying, pain in ass thing was, the maid went all the way out to make our life miserable. Her ‘forgetfulness’, ‘I don’t knowness’, ‘let me stare at youness’ and not to mention, ‘I took your money already so I don’t care a shit if the maid is giving you problems’ agent not responding to our calls definitely had its toll on us.

So much so, I started doing the housework on my own. Madam was very happy the last one week. Meanwhile, hubby was asking me not to be stupid and make her do the work instead. For me, it is better and faster to do the work myself rather than have the maid forget, not do, do half baked job and lie later.

The weekend though, I told her that the more work I do, the lesser she will get paid for. So far, so good. She seems to have remembered how to iron clothes again.


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