The After Effects of Normal Delivery

Have I mentioned how much I suffered after having gone through normal delivery? The without- epidural-normal delivery nearly made me go mad. Being a person who has high resistance to pain, labour pain almost…almost…made me crazy. I swear!

Which idiot said the stitching up is not painful? Really? And the sudden cold shiver? And the process of moving from the labour room to the ward?

The post natal care? The oh shit, will the stitches giveway, if I turn this wayness? Am I moving to fastness? Are my legs far apart resulting in the stitches giving way? It didn’t help the post natal care nurse advised me to take smaller steps when walking even before I intended to move. She went on to add that no anesthetic will be given if restiching necessitated.

If it took me 3 weeks to completely stop post natal bleeding for c-section, it only took longer this time around. Nor did I heal within a month. Constipation one thing. Soreness due to using sanitary pad triggered another set of agony. I had to use cloth instead.

At night, I would have cold shivers. Mom had to apply oinment on my feet and hands to rub them.

The plus point, my own OBGY couldn’t recognise me when I went for my follow up check up post delivery! I know, I have said it once before! 🙂


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