Another headache-a costlier one in that!

No amount of prep talk, threats, silent treatment, salary cut has remotely has put any sense into the maid’s head.

Laziness, I will do it as slowly as possible at one time, I will flare up the flame when frying fish just to finish frying faster attitude at the other, I don’t care a shit attitude, slipping hygiene habits, the lies has been pissing me off. So much so, I don’t even want to look at her face nowadays.

The boiling point came last weekend. It was not good that the weekend was a long one, given Friday was a public holiday. Did I mentione her stubborness? And that she prefers talking to my husband?

There was once, she stayed back at my parents’. I had one of the most relaxing weekened that week. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, housework, all were a breeze.

I can’t live like this in my own house because of this bloody woman. What more, I am paying her a salary, a steep one in that. I will have to find a way to control my emotions with this woman, till next March at least. That’s when I can legally transfer her for good!

I am in a conundrum! Stupid maid!

The maid is here maid is here (the start of misery)
Rotting in hell


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