Away on Business Trip to Indonesia!

  • First time away for a week from lil D
  • Was worried sick of leaving lil N behind. Given it is this one that says I love you, hugs me and sticks to me like glue.
  • Did not pig myself out at hotel buffer breakfast. This, a first, yes a first
  • Not feeling awkward around the big guns
  • Able to carry decent conversations. No longer about the weather and taste of coffee. Hah!
  • Can’t wait to reach home. The fact is, reality awaits with a bang as usual. Arrrggghh the routine! Grocery shopping and what nots!

Still can’t wait! 🙂


On a mission

not throw freshbuys, ever! Whenever I stock up on freshbuys, either I would be too busy to cook that week or the green vegetables would have wilt.

Therefore, with a vengence & also to be prudent with grocery expenses, I am cooking at home no matter how late I reach home, just in time for the boys to have their dinner. As long as the food is homecooked, I am happy. Its simplicity doesn’t bother me or rather no longer frets me.

I do rely on canned sardines and mushrooms. If I cannot even use those, what the heck! If I am going to be that fussy (which I am not, given I have nuggets, ready made burgers, sausages and all in the freezer), then I should start growing the produce myself!

Allocating time for kids

I don’t quite agree with the phrase above. Why?
It means that I have slotted my kids to a specific time slot and that’s all they get. I don’t want that. No. Not all.

Whatever, I do, I make sure I stop doing it when lil N approaches me. At times, I will ask him to give me a second. Once I am done with the stuff which can’t wait like switching off the stove or carrying the crying D, I go back to N immediately.

When I have some time to myself, I ensure I am within an arm’s length of N and D. That’s my way of spending time with them event if N is playing games or with his toys or D is busy with his rattlers.

We also have silly games and silly songs and make fun of N when he farts! Yes, I am fun like that. Most often than not, the hubby is clueless when he hears us laugh! Hah!

Did I mention N insist I am around him all the time? That only I could wash his bum, carry him around, bath him etc? The father has lost his privilege!

Birthday Plans

This year, we plan to have it in the Kindergarten with N’s friends. That will be fun, wouldn’t it! 😀

I am thinking of serving food which are healthy and fun to eat (and perhaps sneak in a not so healthy snack-only one eh!). N has been bringing back goody bags filled with junk food filled to the brim. I tend to do away with such.

So, these are what I have in mind.

  • Homemade miniature cupcakes. Some ideas 16 creative cupcakes 
  • Homemade milk jelly in three colours. Found some ideas here
  • Chocolate/Strawberry milk
  • A toy maybe
  • A chocolate maybe

All these would be packaged for easy carry.

Lastly, a birthday cake, of course. With Marvel Superheroes at home. And a simpler one with Ironman to be cut at the kindy with friends.

Let’s see how many of these will materialise.