Frugal Living

I have been contemplating for a while on living frugally. I have come to realise that a lot of small amounts of money is spent on unnecessary things. These very ‘small amount’ adds up to a sizable value at the end of each month!

For instance, I am known to buy bottled water whenever I go out. Bottled water cost money. Why do I need to buy one when I can carry a bottle from home. See!

Whenever I travel, I eat at the airport. And food there is not cheap. A little bit of homework and I found out that I am a privileged customer who could get into the Premier Lounge! Nice to place to hang out and free food too with excellent service.

I buy books when they are on sale. I am thinking of buying pre-loved books. It is not easy, I tell you. Let’s see if I would eventually get around to do it.

Birthday gifts, I am thinking of cooking or baking them. Even birthday cakes too for in house celebrations!

Had a chat with few colleagues this morning at the pantry. Looks like buying home brand is not a bad idea either. I tried that before. My hands just refused to reach out to home brand items. Have to put in more work to that.If those work just as good, why bother.

Cost of things are spiralling. Price of petrol went up by 20 cents per litre. As a consequent, the prices of other goods are going upwards.

There’s a constant monitoring of electrical and electronic devices and switches at home.

I tend to bring in leftovers as lunch to work at times. Apparently, that’s a money saver too. As I am becoming conscious on my expenses, I realise a sizable amount is indeed saved when I eat in as compared to eating out. And I am not even making any references to fast food. I save about MYR8 per lunch!

Whenever I stock up on a lot of veges, I tend to throw them away as they have either gone bad or withered due to neglect. I will always end up not cooking due to staying back at work. If I am reaching home at 8pm, I would buy out. With much effort, I have suceeded in not throwing anymore fresh goods anymore. No matter how late I am, I cook these.

Coupons is something that has not caught up much here in Malaysia. So that crossess out any savings using coupons.

Unless some purchases are on discounted price, I would consider buying those. Otherwise, I wait.

I am reading up a lot on frugal living to cut all the unworthy excessive spending. Wish me luck there!


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