September, so soon?

Wow! Where did the months go? It’s already September. Another 3 months and comes 2013 to an end.

Last Saturday saw us having 3 different guests back to back from 10am till 10pm. Quite a feat given this was not that planned.

I am thinking of taking up swimming lessons. Just thinking.

August saw me flying out of the country unexpectedly.
Feeding little D is a breeze. So much so, I look forward to it each time.

N is more conversational nowadays. I do get occasional I love yous now and then.

Home front is going on well too. Touchwood.
Blessed to have wonderful colleagues too.

Work is a bit hectic. There are a couple of asses who annoy me with their sheer presence. Alas, that’s for some other day.

Maid is a pain as ever. Can’t wait to rid her. Honestly. Darn contract!

Have got a couple of birthdays to be celebrated. Another to be planned for next month.

More to be updated.

One thought on “September, so soon?

  1. J, blogger is giving some problems, I don't see the comment box when I check your blog on my laptop on Chrome.. A friend had similar problem.

    This is from my mobile.

    I'm also planning to take up swimming, planning to go check classes today. šŸ˜€

    2013 flew fast for me too.

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