Bali, Day Two

Well, Bali Day One awesome. This is how Day Two was.

Pura Taman Ayu
We first started our journey by heading towards Pura Taman Ayun, a royal Balinese temple in Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung. Drove through Seminyak to get there where we saw almost houses having a temple of their own. It means there are a number of kin staying within the compound. Instead of having an altar in each houses, they build a common temple.

Procession Muzeum
Initially, we entered entered a muzeum thinking it was the temple. In here, there where larger than life statues of Hindu mythical characters and those of Shiva and Vishnu. Apparently, these were part of parades before.

Luwak coffee (Chivet coffee)
The next stop was to a luwak coffee facility owned by a family. The coffee beans are fermented in civet’s tummy. The output in cleaned and processed. Thus, the name luwak coffee. It was located among coffee plantations, coco and some spices. These are sold under brand name Tegal Sari. The interesting part was that we were given to taste more than 6 kinds of coffee, tea, coco in all. Brown rice tea, coconut coffee, saffron tea were some of it!

Ulun Danu and Lake Beratan
The next stop from there was to the highlands in Bedugul. The Ulun Danu Temple and Lake Beratan was the highlight of this place. Serene is all I can say. The calm, vast lake coupled with the highland atmosphere was simply breathtaking. I will definitely put up some pictures once I’m back home.

Labhaga Pachung (Restaurant view by the hilly rice terrace)
Lunch was at another touristy restaurant called Labhaga Pachung. Nothing great. Only pricy for the limited buffer they had. The sate lilit was yummy. Had about 9 myself, I think. Could be more.

We skipped the monkey forest as the guide said this is not that spectacular. There’s a better one apparently.

Tanah Lot                                                                                                                                                                                              If we thought the Ulun Danu  Beratan Lake awesome, well we did not miss the mark. Tanah Lot temple was the next destination. It was mind blowing. The temples were on cliffs and the scenery was simply mesmerising! I can’t do justice with mere words. I am not sure even photographs could mirror 50% of the view. Alas, I will upload some pictures later. By the way, the temples are next to the Indian Ocean!

Krishna (souvenir haven)
The next stop was Krishna. A souvenir cum knick knack shop where both locals and tourists alike shop. Bought few more stuff here for colleagues’ keepsake.

Went for foot reflexology.  Bought fast food back to the hotel.

End of day two.

*someone please remind me NOT to go for fast food in Indonesia. Unlike elsewhere, the portions are tiny. The chickens here are small. That’s why. No, seriously!


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