Deepavali & Frugal Living

Well for starters, I have bought only Achu murukku. That too for my colleagues mainly and some for home. Will be making nei urundai for the sangiya yennai palagaram or bake a cake.

Normally I would buy quite a lot of cookies, especially the last few years. You see, inspite of the issue I have with my in laws, my MIL would make all these cakes and savouries for my house too. The first year time around, I sent it all back not without a huge fight with hubby.

Second year, hubby was steadfast. And I grudgingly agreed, provided he takes it to his office. I took those to my office too just to finish it up.

Third year, I accepted it graciously with a smile and said thank you. Husband was happy and I was happy. Either it’s the frugal living me or I am mellowing. Anyway, I saved on the money I would spent on palagarams.

Likewise with clothings. I bought only T shirts for the boys. The pants and jeans were gifts. The sangiyam says wearing new clothes on Deepavali day. Not parents bought new clothes.

So there!


The Maid

What she should be doing for a RM650 salary per month with food, accommodation and necessities provided?

Cook, take care of the children and keeping home tidy.
What does she actually do?
Keep the house tidy-when she feels like or when we ask her to.
What she doesn’t do
  • Wash her hands after going to the loo
  • Have her bath. She leaves an odour trail. 
  • Doesn’t know how to iron my clothes. Hubby’s clothes are perfectly ironed
  • She doesn’t believe in asking me if she doesn’t know how/what to do
  • Wash plates and clothes clean
  • Remove a pot full of cooked from the cooker. Left it overnight a few times only for me to throw it away the next morning
I have to do spot checks from time to time and deal with her lies
What she does
  • Take hour long bath when she is left alone at home
  • Sleeps when she is alone
  • Lies through her teeth that she has sweeped and mopped and completed her work
  • Highly forgetful it seems. Can forget to boil water to fill the flask. A task she has to do first and every day
  • Eavesdropping. Keeps tab on who came and when
  • Takes 8 hours each to clean upstairs & downstairs. She does each a day
  • Broke few plates
  • Burned the fish/ chicken when frying. The only cooking I get her to do. The moment I leave her sight, she would increase the flame. Thus, burning those.
  • Rearrange stuff and not tell me
  • Painstakingly put back the bowls and plates which has a tablespoon of gravy back into the fridge. The next day, when I can’t find those, I would check the fridge and wash it all for use. Good plan eh.
  • She rather throw my things that to ask what to do with those
The Classic
  • Found a friend in our neighbour’s maid. Told that maid I always shout at her AND that she is ill treated. Yes, you read that right. My agent is another useless man. He refused to take action against the maid. It seems we pampered her. That’s why she is taking advantage of us, it seems.
  • I told the maid we will take her to the police station to lodge a report for the lies she has told.
  • She broke down and started pleading. All were crocodile tears.
I can’t wait for March to legally get her out of my house.

Not an ideal Mom

I blew my head off on Wednesday at N for not listening to me. He was not heading upstairs for a bath. When he finally did, he refused to come to me. He ignored my calls and was running around.

On Thursday, I was annoyed, make it very annoyed with the baby (yes, you read it right, at my 9 month old) for not sleeping inspite of me putting him to bed twice earlier.

Something else is bugging me and I don’t know what it is.

I think it’s the hormones as I am being highly paranoid too these last few days. Unjustified paranoia in that!

Standing on his own

A couple of days ago, I left D on his cot. Turned back and found him standing. On his own. Holding the cot railing. All by himself. Smiling. Cooing!

I am all so excited. He is pretty fast. Even faster than N.

We immediately lowered the bed as the railing was upto his tummy only.

D was also having loose motion for about a week or so. I expected either for him to sit up or maybe grow more teeth.

I was partially right. 🙂

He has grown two teeth on the front top gum AND has progressed to stand up on his own.
Can him grinding his four teeth at times. At other times, I am getting bitten!

He has had his first hair cut at the barber’s too. He looks like an army commander. Gone are the soft curls. He looks good like this too! Yes, I know. I am a vain mother too!

He is a strong boy. He was tearing but not exactly bawling.
I was standing just by his side consoling him and wiping his tears. My poor little munchkin.

D is 9 months 8 days old.