Deepavali & Frugal Living

Well for starters, I have bought only Achu murukku. That too for my colleagues mainly and some for home. Will be making nei urundai for the sangiya yennai palagaram or bake a cake.

Normally I would buy quite a lot of cookies, especially the last few years. You see, inspite of the issue I have with my in laws, my MIL would make all these cakes and savouries for my house too. The first year time around, I sent it all back not without a huge fight with hubby.

Second year, hubby was steadfast. And I grudgingly agreed, provided he takes it to his office. I took those to my office too just to finish it up.

Third year, I accepted it graciously with a smile and said thank you. Husband was happy and I was happy. Either it’s the frugal living me or I am mellowing. Anyway, I saved on the money I would spent on palagarams.

Likewise with clothings. I bought only T shirts for the boys. The pants and jeans were gifts. The sangiyam says wearing new clothes on Deepavali day. Not parents bought new clothes.

So there!


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