The Pie Chart

I realise my life is one big pie chart. What happens in one sector does not affect the other.

My heart could be weeping and wailing in one sector, but in the others, I would be all smiles and having the best time of my life.

My worst in one sector will not be noted by those who are not part of that sector. Whereas, the select few ones who are, say I am strong-willed.

Most others just think I am lucky to have a beautiful life. I do. Mostly. At 95% at least.

I just can’t afford one shitty bad sector affect all the other wonderful things I have in life. That one sector is not me. I am all the sectors put together.

So there!


Rava Upma

I just don’t know why but I almost fail each time I make Indian breakfast. Who could ever miss making Rava upma? Well, I could.

The only other time it was a success when I followed an online recipe. Here’s another How To.

I may try it for my dinner tonight. Before I receive pelts, the rest of the family gets hot steaming rice, tofu sothi with chives, fried Barred Spanish Mackerel. May make achovies sambal.

Socially Active Year

This year happens to be the one where the most social activities and happening events are taking place compared to the last few years.

Couple Time

  • Hubby and I went clubbing about three times already. By clubbing, I mean we went to bars for a drink or two. The last was to a club called Sutraa in Changkat Bukit Bintang.
  • A holiday to Bali
  • Actually looking forward to spending some time with each other and successfully finding the time


  • Went for a overnight with office girlfriends
  • Had group breakfast before office hours
  • Invited two couples and their families for a post Deepavali dinner
  • Meet a few of my high school girlfriends from high school
  • Spending more and more quality time with both my babies
  • Putting my foot down on things relating to my children
  • Took N to Sunway Lagoon
  • Made few trips to the mall and lunch or dinner with baby in tow
  • I catch myself talking to people. No longer a wall flower
  • I could sit and eat amongst people that I have just met, yap AND enjoy the food same time
  • I no longer shy away from people. Seem to be confident and I can notice this myself
  • When dancing till 1 am at a corporate dinner and had my face painted 
  • Had a beer in the full view of colleagues. Few jaws dropped. Hahaha
  • When for a birthday party alone with lil N as hubby was away
  • Made unplanned visit to an elderly relative’s place and had unexpected good time
  • Went to another birthday party with the family to my girl friend’s place itch hubby & N. Stayed till nearly 11pm
  • Prepared N’s birthday celebration at the kindy with no hassle and stress
  • Likewise for Deepavali preparation and celebration
  • Wore a saree after 4 years. This time for my sister’s engagement


After a disasterous first attempt at chapati, I was simply too traumatised to try anything remotely roti. The unopened atta flour packets were lying idle for more than a year. Not wanting to throw those away, I thought of looking around for a straight forward, no hassle recipe. I found it and here is the Paratha recipe which I followed. The outcome was more than what I bargained for.

It was simply awesome!

I am keeping the atta packets now! *wink*

The Opposites

  • Having a tertiary degree is not the only way to success. How do you ever define something as subjective as success at all?
  • Bullshit does take some people places
  • A well learned person is not necessarily well learned
  • Your children teach you what us unconditional love is all about and what it means to see the person they have been missing the most
  • The job that you love doing could cause much displeasure
  • Good people could go bad, bad people could become good
  • No matter how you are, there are bound to be one person who just can’t stand the sight of you. Likewise, you may get annoyed with a person just by seeing them or knowing their presence
  • Unless you are a hermit, there is no such thing as living by your own terms

An efficient maid

at parents’ house.

You see, I send the maid together with my children to my parents’ place every morning before I head to work from there. Later in the evening, my husband picks them up after work before heading back home.

The other day, I had to take leave as parents had some running around to do. Since N had kindergarten, the day started just like any other. N’s kindy is near to parents’ housing area.

Parents left shortly after N was picked up by the transporter. As I was lazing in front of the tv, the maid basically took countrol of the house. From cleaning to cooking to drying the clothes and even feeding the dog, all work was done by 11.30am. Only when she told me that she’s going to have a bath after she finished her chores, did I realise all this.

Heck, this is the efficient and independent maid my parents have been talking about all around. Not the ‘I don’t know’, ‘I don’t care a shit’, ‘That’s not my problem’, ‘I forgot’ kind of maid that I have been experiencing all these while for a good seven months, mind you.

I called her. I asked her what she did from the time we reached parents’ house. She listed every single thing. I appreciated her work. She smiled. Then the bomb came. I asked her how come she could function on her own here and not back home. Her face ‘fell’. How come she doesn’t need mom to tell her what to do next, unlike with me.

She fell on her knees and started crying. I told her that she has been lying and cheating me all these seven  months. The crying was even louder.

I told her to wash her face and said that it is her loss. Not mine. I am happy that at least she is helping my mother. She can cheat me off my money. The bigger loser is her. If only she was honest to herself and me, I would have extended her employment for the longest time possible. For as long as she wanted to work.

Now, she is going back with six months salary, after agent’s fee deduction on her salary.

If you think she had repentent after that, well, not really. Though, there are slight improvements. Not much.