2013-The Year

I guess I did (am doing) pretty well. It has been very eventful, nevertheless. Had a number of firsts, like not putting up with nonsense AND saying it out, stepping up to be the elder (like elder elder in our Indian context, ie, customs et al) proper overseas couple vacation, a diverse breakfast menu, to name a few, frequent online shopping, and yes, even marriage counselling!

The management of the homefront is stable beyond belief. I was terrified with the mere thought of running the house with a toddler who is very attached to me and a newborn. It was a baseless worry afterall. I have more time than ever whereby I have watched alot of movies and read more books than I ever did in this last five years!

Make up after a fight is faster this year. Both of us tend to bounce much much sooner after all the shouting, profanities and curses. It tends to get a bit mushy mushy at times too, the make up!

I see myself spending more and more time with the boys and really enjoy doing so too. Of course, I do sneak out when I have too. Went for a few movies and nights out along the way. Night outs, some with hubby, some with colleagues/friends. I did miss my boys, occasionally. Guilt? Sorry, you have come to the wrong person. A little time well spent is better than spending more time in which you are stressed.

Sometimes, I am Nigella Lawson, a mom who cooks up a storm in the kitchen. Other times, if you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen mom. Who is to judge me? This is just an example of how life has been in 2013, not limited to food this example is!

2013 was very good, inspite of some very low lows.

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The Weekend Chronicles and some of N’s masterpieces of this year

    Christmas and the rain

  • While I was lighting the prayer lamp, the prayer bell was ringing followed by the song ‘Jingle bells jingle bells…’
  • ‘Rain rain go away, little Amma wants to play’ that’s how the song was sung just now.


  • On other note, I didn’t know N adores thosai.

          Counting Numbers

  • He counts till 20 and in tens till 100 in Bahasa Malaysia
  • He went 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 1010 (for hundred) hahaha

N is 4 years 1 month 26 days old.

Unexpected Surprise

D is crawling. On all fours. Not only that, he wants to stand. On his own. That might explain the unexpected fever he had a few days ago!

The myth is that an unwell child is an indication that he/she is soon to embark on a new milestone. Before this fever episode, I allowed him to go up the staircase with me by his sides. He went all the way up till the first landing.

He had attempted to cross over the baby gate once and the other day, tried to climb over his baby coat.

He points to the door and asks to go out. At 4am, there’s no way we are leaving the cozyness of the bedroom!

His birthday cake has been ordered. The design will be unveiled later.
Food, tents, table, chairs and guest list has been drawned out.

I need to put together good bag and candy buffet ideas together.

Milk consumption has been increased to 210ml. He refused to eat mash potato. I ate it instead.

D is 11 months 19 days old.

Yelling at Your Kids

Your toddler starts shrieking moments after your baby finally goes down for her nap. “Don’t wake the baby!” you snap, much louder than you meant to. Your toddler looks at you with wide, frightened eyes.

Soothe it! No one feels good about yelling at their kids. In fact, Pflock and Renner’s survey of mothers found that yelling is the number one cause of mommy guilt.

When this happens, take a careful look at your own behavior. Was the yelling out of the ordinary? Are you usually calm with your child? If yes, then let yourself off the hook and take this as a learning opportunity for both of you. As Elizabeth Pantley says in The No-Cry Discipline Solution, “Even the most peaceful easy-going parent loses patience and yells from time to time.”

Reassure your child that everything is okay, and explain what happened: “Sometimes people yell when they’re upset. But that can hurt people’s feelings. I’m sorry. It would have been better if I had said ‘Please be quiet. The baby is sleeping.”

But if screaming is becoming a habit, you may need to take action to manage your anger and reduce your stress levels.

It takes a caring and understanding partner to acknowledge a mother is a human being too. She doesn’t need additional guilt trip besides the one she gives herself. Trust me, nothing beats her own.

If you can’t help her with the children and household maintenance, then just shove it!

Hero number two is down with fever

Both of us had a sleepless night. The child slept at 3am with the bottle of milk still in his mouth. Any attempts to remove the bottle or a slight nudge by the brother resulted in persistent crying.

Prior to that, I was carrying him for a stretch of 7 hours. I lost it a couple of times. Not proud of myself. Each time I place him in his coat when he is sleeping soundly, he wakes up wailing within seconds.

Fever was the highest at 38.8. He doesn’t like to be sponged. He finally slept after 5.00am. At 6, the alarm went off.

I am at work.

On a brighter note, he waves. 😀

Baby D gave me the sunshiniest smile and few bye bye waves when I left for work this morning. Hell with sleep. My baby waved at me. 🙂