Masala Mix

I could have easily read 5 books this year.

Broke the record by watching a number of latest releases at home, maybe 3 at the cinema including FF6 & Singam.

Definitely expanded the menu and mastered some of the dishes tried and tested.
Indulged more in baking too. Did not limit to cakes and cupcakes. The latest repertoire happens to be chicken pizza.

Weight Management
I can’t see the difference when I weigh myself. Though I do see a seemingly sharper face and not so broad shoulders.

I see myself being more grateful  than ever. I am thankful I am given the opportunity to repay some kindness and that I have been blessed with the means to do so.

Invested in an Ipad and a phone for myself.

I did a lot of online shopping this year. A lot. Normally, I limit those to books. This year, it included clothing, household items, gadgets.

More and more time is spent with the children. Of course the occasional Hulk is unleashed, but that is solely for the sleepy child who refuse to sleep after an hour or so!!

We are there!


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