Maid Woes

I am pulling my hair apart!! I cannot be going on like this. This is a challenge to myself. It is time to adapt ahimsa. No amount of prep talk nor shouting works or psychology with that woman.

I was myself when she joined us. That seems to be the biggest mistake. I was told. I don’t think I would have been any different either, should I have foreseen this.

Anyway, as a means to better myself and acknowledging the fact that I am so easily rilled by her, I am going to ignore her lack of work ethics. When she lies and slacks, I will highlight to her just to let her know that I am aware of her doings and move on.

Yes. Just move on. No more asking her why she didn’t do it or when she intends to do it or why she she did it.

Lastly, I am not going to do the work I pay her for. That doesn’t seem to move her a bit. Not a bit.



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