If only men could get pregnant

either the world as we know it today will cease to exist.


it will be much more glorious, peaceful and happy than what it is today.

  • Do you think they could go through half of what we go through during the whole course of pregnancy?
  • How about the delivery? Can they even manage 5% of the contraction? The stitches? The confinement period? Taking care of the new born?

If the answer is no to all…I guess there would be not be many babies around and out of wedlock pregnancies would almost come to a standstill!

On the contrary, there would be multiple medical breakthroughs with altogether new surgical technologies in place to ease pregnancy, delivery and what nots.

The governments world over would bend backwards to care for pregnant and just delivered fathers.

No more a paltry 2-6 months maternity leave, yeah? Excellent child care facilities would be funded by the government for back to work fathers.

Of all you know, there would be a special and highly powerful ministry to take care of fathers’ needs!

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