Pent up Anger

I have been suffering from abscesses on one side of my trunk for a few months already. Then, this blog post post by Starsinmeyes triggered an interest which I had vaguely remembered reading somewhere, sometime ago. Or was it mentioned during a chat with someone? I can’t remember.

I then googled Louise Hay and did more research. It looks like I started getting abscesses just around the time my maid’s behaviour was escalating to its worse.

More googling and I landed here at Natural Health Techniques.

10. Abscesses–Anger in relation to something you don’t want to release. A boil is considered a localized abscess. I once knew of a man who had boils all over his face and chest. His mother had given him to his grandparents to raise and his father had abandoned him. He was a cowboy, and as the song goes, “Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys. They are never at home, they are always alone, even with someone they love.” He grew up a cowboy and eventually became a counselor. My theory is that he was trying to understand and come to some kind of completion with his own relationships. He was the quiet type, so the anger had to come out of his body in some way. Anger in his body just chose the skin route. The body always chooses the easiest way to release dis-ease. Each of us has a route that we have a predisposition for to release pent up emotions.

It is quite an eye opener for me. Especially after reading the whole list of ailments and its contributors.


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