Not Well

This is not the post I had in mind. Down with flu and fever. And I have cancelled my leave and have come to work today.

Crazy, yes?

Came back to jot these down:

  • Husband wants to have catfish curry. Bought some and god knows how am I going to cook it!
  • No matter how well I treat my maid, she is bound to continue with her ways
  • Money does change some people.
  • Those who wants to be with you will find ways to stay in touch. They are never too busy for your events.
  • No friend is perfect. There are bound to be some downs and annoying traits. Occasional bragging and exaggeration is not a criminal offense.
  • Sometimes, a friend is more understanding of your predicament as compared to a relative you grew up with and thought to be your well-wisher.
  • Grown ups, those not your generation could be envious of you too
  • The same matter could be interpreted very differently by two different people. It gets to you that the person making unrelated summation of the matter is supposed to be your well wisher.

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