Why Are Some People Like That?

Here are some questions and concerns posed to me in the past years. I am pretty much sure I am not the only ‘fortunate’ one to have experinced these during my ‘marriageble’ age and thereafter during my pregnancies.

At ‘Marriageble’ Age

  • ‘Better to marry young. The older you get, the more difficult it is. Your children won’t be normal.’ I was 26 then. The person was one of my high school friends who was a mother of a two year old then. The same person gave birth again, *gasp*, last year at the ripe old age of 34 to her 3rd baby.
  • ‘You are old. Why don’t you get married?’ This was posed to me when I was 27 years old.
  • ‘Girls shouldn’t study too much. This is what will happen. see how difficult it is to get her married. That’s why I told my daughters not to study much.’

During Pregnancy

  • ‘What is your preference? Boy or girl? Oh come on, girl, isn’t? Actually, it is not good to have a preference blah…blah…blah…’
  • ‘Don’t drink that. You can miscarry. My friend….’ I was 5 months pregnant and had my OBGY’s clearance. That did not deter the person.
  • ‘It’s a baby girl. I know it. Definitely baby girl’. ‘It’s a boy, auntie.’ ‘No. No. No. It’s a girl. Mark my word. You will call me first thing after your delivery to say it’s a girl’. So said an acquintance we had just met at a wedding dinner party.
  • ‘Now you will go for a third one, right? To try for a girl? I know, I know!’
  • ‘Poor thing. Second one is a boy ah. If it was a girl, can close shop. Nevermind, you are young. Can try again.’

My life is enrinched, isn’t it? *eyes rolling*


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