Anger Management

If there is one thing I am failing miserably at, it is at anger management. When I think I am in control, I lose it. Just like that. Then, I would regret.

This only happen with certain people, read hubby, maid and occasionally mom. There are some witnesses to my outbursts, like my dad, babies and siblings.

The rest of the world doesn’t know this. Only of course, when the world or rather some people get on my nerves.

It takes alot to annoy me. I am extremely patient like that. No, not patient. Rather an old soul. You know, the one who doesn’t take things to heart and makes excuses like says things like, ‘they don’t mean it’, ‘perhaps, they forgot’.

Once you have crossed the limits. It becomes super duper easy to rile me up. This is something the hubby has come to accept.

Throw in PMS (yes, I have it), it gets really psycho. No remorse whatsoever. It is bulldozer on a rampage all the way.


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