Made it!

To wrap this event up, I am thinking of jotting down 31 things that happened to me or experienced by me this month.

  1. I read a translated Korean book and completed it within a few days. 
  2. Hubby and I had two dates. We have been going for one for the past few months. Twice in a month is a first.
  3. The department which I head started in this region is technically closed.
  4. N finally went potty on his own today. On Chinese New Year. I am so excited. This has happened after many failed attempts to make him go potty in the toilet.
  5. Today is our wedding anniversary.
  6. MIL spent a whole Saturday with us. She was taken care of by me like any other guests.
  7. I experienced ‘Thali Urukku’ for the first time. I learnt my caste has its own design ‘Thali’.
  8. Received a call from N’s class teacher, a week after kindy started, saying he is not doing his school work, not paying attention and is scribbling/completing pages not marked for homework. Didn’t expect this so early on. Hah! N is 4 going on 5.
  9. Made two Chinese family favourites. Both turned out restaurant quality well.
  10. D is glue-like with me nowadays. I move around the house carrying him.
  11. We went for a walk around the housing park for a change. Realised how much nicer it was spending with family like this than heading to the malls like we normally do. Likewise, the trip to the playground that evening. D was gripping me with awe, looking at the ground.
  12. Moved some pictures and deco from the TV area just to prevent D from throwing those to the ground. The new placement of items makes the house feel more homely with a personal touch thrown in.
  13. Took up the blogathon challenge.
  14. Realised that as people age, they would remain their self. In other words, the ones who were graceful when they were younger, age gracefully as they grow older. Some not so graceful ones, would mellow as they age. The rest, will be as jealous, cunning and scheming as they are.
  15. I plan to read at least one book a month.
  16. I would love to have two vacations this year onwards.
  17. Completed a few pending tasks of last year.
  18. Enjoyed cooking the food we normally eat out. The bonus is of course when the food turns out well. 
  19. If I then thought 3 in a bed was overloaded. I couldn’t be sillier than that. With three of us and throw in one fussy toddler, sleep is a luxury I am craving for.
  20. N converses in Tamil effortlessly. Though it sounds Americanised, it is Tamil indeed.
  21. I need to look for sangeetham lessons for N. It is something which I remembered a couple of weeks ago.
  22. I told myself I will refrain from yelling and shouting at anyone at home.
  23. Experienced one and sort of witnessed the other that it takes unexpected show of mental strength or bad times, to bring people of different personalities or those who don’t get along well to help one another, without expectations in return.
  24. I have become an experienced online shopper. Made two other purchases just as I would with any other purchase.
  25. I just don’t get the affection, posted on FB for some mothers & fathers by their children, parents to their children, wife to husband and husband to wife.
  26. I have gained the very weight I lost. Darn!
  27. I am struggling to complete this!!
  28. I think ready to wear sarees are god sent. Gave a third one to be sewn.
  29. I have come to realise (by reading blogs), every marital relationships are bound to have its ups & downs. Love marriage or not. Newly married or not. Leaving together or not. Having children or not. Working or not. Due to in laws or not. 
  30. I held my tongue a few times with some ‘elders’ who are ‘know it alls’. I then recalled and laughed at them with other people behind their back.
  31. I kind of cheated in this blogathon. There were about 3 times I back dated my posts. Am feeling very tired the last couple of weeks or so. Slept off together with the boys only to wake up at 1am or so. So, I have had blogged some posts from work hours later.
  32. Made coconut chutney for the first time today. Will be making thosai to accompany the chutney for breakfast tomorrow.
  33. When I was 16, my English teacher Ms Ngui gave a teacherly advice. ‘It is important for your readers to understand your prose. Simple, every day words will do’ or something in that line she told the class one day. I have held by that ever since.
  34. I hope I have 31 updates here. 😀

Oh well, looks like I have additional 3, instead of stopping at 31.


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