Making Babies

I have always wanted to adopt a child. In the earlier days, I wanted to remain single and adopt a child instead. Or have my own and remain single. *hint hint* 😀 The second option was of course not discussed with mom. 😀

Then marriage happened. Then children. I have always wanted four children. Hubby three. After much discussions, we both have come to a consensus to have a third one and leave it at that.

Now comes the matter(s) hand.

If I am going to get pregnant again, I want to deliver the child before I reach 37. Honestly, I am physically tired caring for a baby at this age compared to my first one. And I hate going through the post delivery phase and the actually delivery procedure. The mere thought of the confinement period and hassle of getting back (almost) in shape and routine puts me off altogether.

Deep down hubby wants a daughter. He says I am pampered by my boys. So he wants a daughter who would love him to bits just as my boys to me.

Who could ever determine the child’s gender? For me a child is a child. Gender means nothing to me as it did not mean anything to my parents either.

I don’t mind the caring part of a newborn and sacrificing sleep. My problem is the delivery and confinement period.

Me=deliver before 37
Solution=adopt an angel

Problem solved? No. It is far from it. Hubby is against adoption. He wants his own. Not so secretly wishing for a girl. I don’t mind another boy myself. I don’t mind a girl either. What I do mind is that I should deliver before I reach 37.

We are kind of putting things on hold.


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