Acknowledgments, Gratitude & Hair Cream


A fellow manager with whom I dealt with in past, made a visit last week. The communication between us has been mostly via email as he is in Sri Lanka and I am in Malaysia. So, it was a pleasant surprise to hear him say, after all the formalities, that ‘Jay is one strong woman, don’t let her appearance fool you’.

He is one of strongest (dfficult engineers) I have dealt with. It’s not him as a person, but wholely due to the demanding operator. So, to hear him say that was simply wonderful.

A  head of department from another country also expressed displeasure to know that I would no longer be his team’s trouble shooter. What more acknowledgment do I need?

My lil baby N was told that he is a very polite and obedient child. And that him correctly saying the privates and without shyness was appluaded by MIL. I couldn’t believe my ears. She also said that he seems to listen to me. Now, that calls for a celebration as my children are expected to be wayward and all!! Hahaha

Now that we are the topic of acknowledgement, I guess it is no harm in saying that a clown at a friend’s child’s birthday party expressed surprise to know that I was N’s mom. He said, ‘Ah, I thought you are the sister!’


A couple of colleagues had gone to India for business and another to China. I had asked them to buy Haldiram snacks and books (The Immortals of Meluha & The Krishna Key) and a box of chocolates from the duty free shop respectives. All these were on my desk this morning. No doubt I would pay them for those. The thing is, they actually took the pain to buy and bring these along. Not thinking about the hassle of looking for the items etc. I am blessed to be surrounded by such people.


By chance, I bought a facial scrub from Himalaya. It had many saying that my face is glowing, it looks fresh etc. It took me a while to put 1 & 1 together and realise it could be that facial scrub. As my hair has been messing up big time since I came from Krabi, I decided to buy something for my hair too. It has been two days, my hair doesn’t seem that brittle.

Perhaps, I have found the brand for me afterall.

A gift

I bought myself a little birthday too-a Chanel lipstick using my shopping vouchers. It is a double yeayyy as not only I got myself a gift, it was at no additional cost. How is that for frugal living? 🙂



Of Vaginas & Penises

The other day, about a week ago, N asked me why do I have hair there, in my cuckoo bird. Those are his exact words.  I told him he would grow some when he is bigger. It made him happy. I decided to tell him there and then that cuckoo bird is actually a penis. And that boys have penis and girls, vagina. He absorbed it quite well. Then it was time for him to ask for my acknowledgement. He named almost everyone at home (including the pet dog) and correctly indicated whether it’s vagina or penis for each and everyone of them.

Then, he started asking if Ultraman has one, hulk, robot and so on. Other cartoon characters etc. The human characters, I said yes, while the others no. Only living things has these, I told him.

There are times when he thinks it is funny to talk about vaginas and penises. At those times, I tell him that he is not supposed to talk like that. I reinforce our ‘talk’ that no one is allowed to touch his privates and he can’t go around touching others’. And that, if he has any questions or if he wants to know something, he should come to me and not go around talk to his teachers or friends or non immediate family.

That is when he told me grandma said cannot talk about cuckoo bird. Apparently, he had made some funny references and my mom forbade him from doing so. I explained the nature of that situation and reiterated to him that he should come to me instead. See how he had managed to link what I said to what had transpired between him and my mom?

The good thing is, the opportunity to have this discussion unfolded itself before I could approach him. All is well.

N is four going on five this year.

Some Additions to the Library

In keeping up with my resolution for the year, I read this book, No Place Like Home, by Mary Clark Higgins. Not a bad read. Quite suspenseful though I managed to discover the culprit nearing the end.

I bought the following books a couple of days ago:
Gone Girl
The Joy Luck Club
Tagore’s Short Stories
Interpreter of Maladies

Requested a colleague who has gone to India to buy these:

The Immortals of Meluha
The Krishna Key

The cost of Indian books are atrocious! It is much cheaper to buy these from India.

Towards the End of Quarter 1 of the Year

It has been awhile since I last posted. Here are some updates.


I was asked by the leadership team (LT) to train a new level of senior staff for the next 6 months. This means my new role is kept vacant until the end of this training stint. I am delighted with this acknowldgement the LT has showered me upon. Alot of good words has been going around within the LT and it made my day hearing those. Some times, money is not the driving force. It is the recognition. Senior manager or not, this kind of positive feedback sure boost up your motivation level.

The Boys

The boys are growing up real fast. The little one is like my very own teddy bear. I love the way he hangs on to me. And I love  carrying him around with me. We cook and clean the house together. Hehehe Gives me the feel of a youngest & pampered with love child in the family. Which he is, of course. He has started to walk and walk in reverse too. He dances and also mimics our behaviours at times. As much as it is fascinating to see him following what we do, it equally serves as a reminder to behave well as he did scold the maid in baby language after seeing me scold her.

N has the habit of being surrounded with books. He either writes, draws, colours or would want us to read his books. Nowadays, however, he has got into the habit story telling. This is something I tried doing with him before but he was not that interested back then. He now brings us story books and wants us to read to him. I am happy. By the way, it is now one year old’s D’s turn to look for books. He loves to flip the pages and walk around with one. I am a very happy happy Amma. Haha


Hubby and I do fight and forget why we started fighting in the first place. Or he says something, I yell at him and vomit the past, he walks out pissing me even more. I mutter some obsceneities. he comes back. We hug, I make coffee for both, we watch TV or he uses the Ipad or I read. I say good night and head to bed. 

Something to note is that, we no longer feel murderous towards each other. Even if we do, it is no longer gory. I think. haha. The frquency of the fights has reduced too. I hope we are not becoming one of those boring and settled couple! Haha


Is rearing her ugly head yet again.


The country is mourning. Some people are very insentive, both locally and internationally. Foreign media is not all about truth. Some people are emotional. Too many conspiracy theories are strewn about, with people’s reputation and credibility questioned. This is not about the ruling party. This is about Malaysia, our country. Some citizens fail to realise that. They lack empathy. It is Malaysia Airlines for goodness sake. Tanah tumpahnya, darahku. It affects me, a Malaysian.

A passsenger plane belonging to my country’s offical airline has gone missing. 239 lives were in that plane. I don’t care for their nationalities. They are someone’s family, for god’s sake. How can I not feel anything? It is not MAS’s worry alone. It is mine too. Like the rest of Malaysians both back home and every where else. It pains to know that some do not feel this way.


A very young child, 18 years of age passed away due to an accident. He was my former neighbour’s son. The news rattled me a bit. I have known him since he was a child. RIP, boy.

A grandaunt bid adieu after a slipping into a coma. A nice lady, she was. RIP, pathi.


Telugu DILs and all

The story is like this. When I was pregnant with N, the movie Arundhathi was playing in the premium channel we subscribe. A select few latest Tamil movies would be playing continuously until the next change the following month. Meaning, among the other movies, it was this one movie I watched over and over again. I simply liked it that much. It was the most watched movie throughout my pregnancy, not only for that month. Nevermind, I didn’t get a chance to watch any movie back then as I was staying with the in laws. They were away on holiday, so the TV was mine and only mine. Yes, I was leading a pathetic life back then and I have digressed.

Then, fast forward three years later where I was pregnant with D. This time the movie Maveeran was playing in the premium channel. Again, each time I tuned in, this movie would be playing and I would immensely enjoy it each time I watched it.

With that, I would share a joke with hubby and family that I would not be surprised if both the boys would bring me Telugu daughters-in-law. Needless to say, I found both Anushka & Kajal Aggarwal gorgeous in their respective movies. And I think it is the boys who made me watch the movies when I was carrying them. This is where you smile.

By the way, there was a time N would only eat his baby food if we played Singam songs with Anushka in it. Yup, the first time parents bought Singam DVD for their one year old.

And and call me vain and all, D does take after Ram Charan Teja. ;-D Once I jokingly told my younger cousin that if the baby is a boy, I will name him Maveeran given the movie was popular then. The little girl actually bought it and told her parents and other relatives. Guess what, D’s name is indeed very close to Maveeran. Though I had decided on his name quite sometime before, the coincidence of the movie and the chosen name didn’t strike me back then. Life acts in mysterious ways.

Here is a scene from Maveeran which gives me goosebumps anytime I watch it:                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Allergy Attack

On the day we arrived at Krabi, after much walking and shopping, hubby mentioned that he is experiencing a slight headache. Given we were up by 3am to catch the first flight out to Thailand for that day.

Off we went to the nearby pharmacy and got a medication for headache. We were given Parafen. Since I foresaw a slight headache coming my way too, I popped in a tablet myself.

Later at 3am, when I woke up for toilet break, I realised my lips were swollen a bit. Hmmm, could it be the seafood we had for dinner? Possible and so I went to bed and continued with sleep. A few hours later, when it was time to wake up, I realised I had some rashes around my mouth and cheeks. So were my hands and legs. The itch was still tolerable so we continued with that day’s schedule without much thought and all.

Alas, the island hopping and all that merry-making was as usual. The itch luckily only worsened the evening before we left. It could be all those soaking in water made the skin drier afterwards and reddened the skin even more. Got an allergy medication from another pharmacy and the itch subsided somewhat.

Luckily, we were flying back home the next noon. Once we reached home with luggage unpacked and us refreshed, we headed to the clinic to get this allergy attack checked. It looks like I was allergic to the first tablet I took on the day we arrived in Krabi-Parafen which contained Ibuprofen. With a jab, the itch subsided for good though the rashes on the skin took about a week go away.

I am now on a watch out for NSAID drugs.

And so I have finally moved

I have bid adieu to my blogspot blog of 7 years. Bye bye…

I had changed the address many many times in the course of seven years. The design, the theme, the name. Even the contents seem to have mature from the time I first started blogging to now.

My dear online companion, I have only changed house, the person I am, have not.

All this is happening for a greater good only.Given there have been some near misses of people from work stumbling upon my blog. Given I stricly keep personal stuff, just that, personal and that blogspot is unable to provide me a reasonable privacy setting, here I am.