Krabi Day Two

Today we took the Phi Phi Islands tour. It cost us 1000 Baht each by speedboat. The pick up came at about 8.15am to take us to the pier.

From there, we went to Riley bay to pick up the remaining group.

40 minutes later, we were at the Bamboo Bay. It was awesome. Had a fun time in the water. Saw fish and sea horses. The beach was a clear water one. Did I say it was awesome? I was shrieking like a kid each time I spotted a fish. Corals were aplenty too. In fact, it was the best part of the whole Phi Phi Islands tour.

Phi Phi Lay had too many boats and barely unoccupied beach. That was our last stop. We spent the most time there, about an hour and half, inclusive buffet lunch.

Between these two islands, we went to Maya bay where the movie The Beach was filmed. Too many boats and too many people. Did not play in the water here. Walked to the other side to view Sama bay. Here, it was solely photography as we had to climb a cliff.

From there, it was time for snorkeling. First, it was the Monkey Bay, followed by the . Before heading to Phi Phi Lay, we were shown the The Viking cave. The sea gypsies occupied the cave at one point, it seems.

Just before we heading back to Ao Nam pier, we were taken to the breathtaking Pileh lagoon. Magnificent, simply magnificent!

Instead of hotel drop off, we asked to be sent to the Aonang town. Went for a two hour massage at 450 Baht. It was simply relaxing. I dozed of a couple of times. I kind of liking Thai oil massage more than the Balinese one!

Dinner was Thai in a restaurant run by Indians. Need some getting used to. I would expect to see Thai speaking Thais. Not Hindi speaking Indians! Nevertheless, friendly lot, they are.


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