Allergy Attack

On the day we arrived at Krabi, after much walking and shopping, hubby mentioned that he is experiencing a slight headache. Given we were up by 3am to catch the first flight out to Thailand for that day.

Off we went to the nearby pharmacy and got a medication for headache. We were given Parafen. Since I foresaw a slight headache coming my way too, I popped in a tablet myself.

Later at 3am, when I woke up for toilet break, I realised my lips were swollen a bit. Hmmm, could it be the seafood we had for dinner? Possible and so I went to bed and continued with sleep. A few hours later, when it was time to wake up, I realised I had some rashes around my mouth and cheeks. So were my hands and legs. The itch was still tolerable so we continued with that day’s schedule without much thought and all.

Alas, the island hopping and all that merry-making was as usual. The itch luckily only worsened the evening before we left. It could be all those soaking in water made the skin drier afterwards and reddened the skin even more. Got an allergy medication from another pharmacy and the itch subsided somewhat.

Luckily, we were flying back home the next noon. Once we reached home with luggage unpacked and us refreshed, we headed to the clinic to get this allergy attack checked. It looks like I was allergic to the first tablet I took on the day we arrived in Krabi-Parafen which contained Ibuprofen. With a jab, the itch subsided for good though the rashes on the skin took about a week go away.

I am now on a watch out for NSAID drugs.


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