Of Vaginas & Penises

The other day, about a week ago, N asked me why do I have hair there, in my cuckoo bird. Those are his exact words.  I told him he would grow some when he is bigger. It made him happy. I decided to tell him there and then that cuckoo bird is actually a penis. And that boys have penis and girls, vagina. He absorbed it quite well. Then it was time for him to ask for my acknowledgement. He named almost everyone at home (including the pet dog) and correctly indicated whether it’s vagina or penis for each and everyone of them.

Then, he started asking if Ultraman has one, hulk, robot and so on. Other cartoon characters etc. The human characters, I said yes, while the others no. Only living things has these, I told him.

There are times when he thinks it is funny to talk about vaginas and penises. At those times, I tell him that he is not supposed to talk like that. I reinforce our ‘talk’ that no one is allowed to touch his privates and he can’t go around touching others’. And that, if he has any questions or if he wants to know something, he should come to me and not go around talk to his teachers or friends or non immediate family.

That is when he told me grandma said cannot talk about cuckoo bird. Apparently, he had made some funny references and my mom forbade him from doing so. I explained the nature of that situation and reiterated to him that he should come to me instead. See how he had managed to link what I said to what had transpired between him and my mom?

The good thing is, the opportunity to have this discussion unfolded itself before I could approach him. All is well.

N is four going on five this year.


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