Acknowledgments, Gratitude & Hair Cream


A fellow manager with whom I dealt with in past, made a visit last week. The communication between us has been mostly via email as he is in Sri Lanka and I am in Malaysia. So, it was a pleasant surprise to hear him say, after all the formalities, that ‘Jay is one strong woman, don’t let her appearance fool you’.

He is one of strongest (dfficult engineers) I have dealt with. It’s not him as a person, but wholely due to the demanding operator. So, to hear him say that was simply wonderful.

A  head of department from another country also expressed displeasure to know that I would no longer be his team’s trouble shooter. What more acknowledgment do I need?

My lil baby N was told that he is a very polite and obedient child. And that him correctly saying the privates and without shyness was appluaded by MIL. I couldn’t believe my ears. She also said that he seems to listen to me. Now, that calls for a celebration as my children are expected to be wayward and all!! Hahaha

Now that we are the topic of acknowledgement, I guess it is no harm in saying that a clown at a friend’s child’s birthday party expressed surprise to know that I was N’s mom. He said, ‘Ah, I thought you are the sister!’


A couple of colleagues had gone to India for business and another to China. I had asked them to buy Haldiram snacks and books (The Immortals of Meluha & The Krishna Key) and a box of chocolates from the duty free shop respectives. All these were on my desk this morning. No doubt I would pay them for those. The thing is, they actually took the pain to buy and bring these along. Not thinking about the hassle of looking for the items etc. I am blessed to be surrounded by such people.


By chance, I bought a facial scrub from Himalaya. It had many saying that my face is glowing, it looks fresh etc. It took me a while to put 1 & 1 together and realise it could be that facial scrub. As my hair has been messing up big time since I came from Krabi, I decided to buy something for my hair too. It has been two days, my hair doesn’t seem that brittle.

Perhaps, I have found the brand for me afterall.

A gift

I bought myself a little birthday too-a Chanel lipstick using my shopping vouchers. It is a double yeayyy as not only I got myself a gift, it was at no additional cost. How is that for frugal living? 🙂



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