The Wisdom Tooth

The wisdom tooth is making a show. It is putting me on grieve. The pain is subtle and numbing at most times. Occasional sharp pain. Or the pain travels to other areas within the lower gum.

X-ray, extraction, surgical extraction

Painkillers, antibiotics, bacteria

These were the words uttered by the dentist.

Going for a second opinion this Thursday.




A Little Bump, A Spelling Test & Losing It

A Little Bump

At a round about, a car bumped into my car. Managed to note down his number plate. Don’t ask me the make. I am blur like that and it didn’t occur to me to note that down.

The other car went his way without stopping. Reached the office and found no dents. Only a little paint transfer. All is well.

A Spelling Test

N, with the help of my mom, called me at work just now. The child had scored 3/3 for today’s spelling test. He was hugged and kissed by his grandparents. He is going to be hugged and kissed by his parents today back home. ūüėÄ

A little history will help here, I guess. He has been routinely getting 0/3 for a  few weeks now. That’s because we don’t sit with him for spelling. If there is homework to submit, then yes, we sit with him to ensure he hands in his completed homework to the teacher. Sometimes, the homework is even outsourced to my parents! That’s the kind of parenting practised at our home.

Otherwise, I don’t bother or make him read or write at home unless he himself wants to.

Last week, however, I told him he has to improve on his spelling tests. This came about when he insisted of going to the mall that evening. I took full advantage of this and told him he has to improve on his spellings. Based on what he has written so far, it is obvious he didn’t bother to hear the words properly when the teacher said it. On Monday, he brought out his spelling book and we went through the words for a little while.

Needless to say, with much triumph, N had called me just now to say he did it, after all!

Losing It

I lost my patience with N. Thrice this month. The latest being last night. I hate myself!

D did not go scot-free either. I lost it once with him.

I really really feel like an awful person. A very bad mom in that. If only I could stop transforming myself into a ratchasi! *sigh*


The want to add more greens to the house kicked in a couple of weeks ago. On hearing this, MIL volunteered to bring in a couple of potted plants,  which I accepted graciously of course. The trigger to this want is the beautifully florishing holy thulsi plant in our garden. Looking at the main healthy plant and three other smaller ones, the heart longed for more.

With that, I received the afore mentioned ferns.  I had also converted D’s old milk bottles which were meant to be thrown out, into small water pots. The previous entry shows two of them bottles with water plants which I have placed at my work station at the office. The other is in my bathroom.

All I need is another fern and a bougainvillea plant. These too would be brought in by the MIL. All I could say with gratitude is a big thank you to make little wishes of mine like this, true… 



A Black Baby Snake

entered the house last night.

This is what it signifies, apparently:

Is another sign of good fortune. Whether in your garden, inside the home, or out trekking, if you meet up with a snake, it means something or someone important is coming into your life. Never ever try to harm or kill a snake when confronted with one. The more poisonous the snake, the better is the good fortune. The king cobra is described as a snake of extreme good fortune. Whatever you do, never kill a snake as they are also associated with some spiritual presence. They usually slither away themselves when they sense human presence.

Amex & Letting Go


Cancelled it!

The Bed & Child Gate

No, we did not get the mattress as initially planned. Instead, we converted D’s cot to a bed for N to use it. I kind of feel guilty for expecting N to sleep on his own in his bed¬†while D, hubby & I sleep on a different bed. Darn motherhood!

I am sticking to this new arrangement, at any cost, anyway. I need to let go. We have also brought out the child gate. This is placed at our room door. This way, D could not leave the room when he is awake (given there is no cot to secure his movements anymore) as the gate will deter him from leaving the room.


Is now independent enough to have shower on his own. Yeaaayy!

Amex/Paranoia, Water Rationing, Grey Hair, Nail Polish…and Oh Some Updates


I have been wanting to deactivate my Amex card for the longest time possible. I hardly use it and the use it has is for car fueling purposes. Even that I use in order NOT to receive blank  monthly statements. My other card has better benefits and one which I have certain privilages-given I held my very first credit card from the same issuing bank and we have come a long way. Since the card is serving me well, with good benefits and credit limit I am kind of attached to it.

The delima, now that I have embraced frugal living is this.¬†Since I am not actively using Amex, why am I still holding on it? Partially is due to the ego boost it gives. Secondly, I can swip¬†unlimited amount whenever¬†I want. Well, almost if the value exceeds MYR25000. All I need to do is pre-alert the company and they would be on a standby to approve the amount. The assurance that I have that much (and more) immediate access to cash gives me a sense of security. For the ‘in case I need money immediately’ scenarios. Not that I have experienced it before, but you know, just in case.

I need to fork out MYR50 every year for government tax for a card I have no returns. I would be paying MYR250 in five years for a card I seldom use. Now this contradicts with my frugal livestyle.

Water Rationing

The dams catering water supply for the state of Selangor is drying up due to the hot weather and lack of rain. Every alternate two days we have water supply, then not. My housing area is in phase 1, which means we have to manage being waterless every two days. Thank god for water tanks. We still have water from the tanks, though it flows to the bathrooms only.

Grey Hair

I found 6 of them, those which were visible to my eyes. Plucked 4 out. I am sure there are more which are at the back of my head.


Nail Polish

Having girly-girly¬†friends does rub on to you. ūüėõ¬†I bought two nail polishes for myself. This after 2 years of having bought the last one. Not that I was into it before anyway. Not that I should not ever buy one, too. ;-p

Home Projects-Some Updates

Completed the organisation of the recipe book by covering it in a giant wrapper (of a very unhealthy snack which I simply love) and a little tidying of the contents.  The photo frame project was completed the same time around.


Home Projects


I have created a couple of files to place the recipes I have collected in recent years. The next step is to tidy up the book into which I had handwritten some other recipes. This book contains some of my mom’s recipes, the type with ingredients and how to, minus the weight/quantity of items.

Boys’ room

This will be put on hold for the time being as hubby feels the boys are still too young to be left on their own. So, we will be getting a another mattress to be put next to our bed. D’s cot will be removed to make way for the mattress.

That said, I need to get shelves done due to accumulation of books and toys and bags. This is not on the immediate to do list though. The boys are not moving in to their own room any time soon giving we would be investing in a mattress for the master bedroom. Till then, the toy room will remain as it is for the tiem being.

Photo Frame

There’s one photo frame with baby pictures of N, D, my husband and some of mine with N. It looks like put together in a hurry. I need to redo that one by removing some pictures and rearrange the rest, with a snip there and here too.

Guest room

This is a pending work. I need to get a coffee table and think about the decor once I have that in.

Maid’s room

A picture is lacking. I need to work on that. Maybe, rearrange the bed and other furniture. Let’s see how that goes.