Amex/Paranoia, Water Rationing, Grey Hair, Nail Polish…and Oh Some Updates


I have been wanting to deactivate my Amex card for the longest time possible. I hardly use it and the use it has is for car fueling purposes. Even that I use in order NOT to receive blank  monthly statements. My other card has better benefits and one which I have certain privilages-given I held my very first credit card from the same issuing bank and we have come a long way. Since the card is serving me well, with good benefits and credit limit I am kind of attached to it.

The delima, now that I have embraced frugal living is this. Since I am not actively using Amex, why am I still holding on it? Partially is due to the ego boost it gives. Secondly, I can swip unlimited amount whenever I want. Well, almost if the value exceeds MYR25000. All I need to do is pre-alert the company and they would be on a standby to approve the amount. The assurance that I have that much (and more) immediate access to cash gives me a sense of security. For the ‘in case I need money immediately’ scenarios. Not that I have experienced it before, but you know, just in case.

I need to fork out MYR50 every year for government tax for a card I have no returns. I would be paying MYR250 in five years for a card I seldom use. Now this contradicts with my frugal livestyle.

Water Rationing

The dams catering water supply for the state of Selangor is drying up due to the hot weather and lack of rain. Every alternate two days we have water supply, then not. My housing area is in phase 1, which means we have to manage being waterless every two days. Thank god for water tanks. We still have water from the tanks, though it flows to the bathrooms only.

Grey Hair

I found 6 of them, those which were visible to my eyes. Plucked 4 out. I am sure there are more which are at the back of my head.


Nail Polish

Having girly-girly friends does rub on to you. 😛 I bought two nail polishes for myself. This after 2 years of having bought the last one. Not that I was into it before anyway. Not that I should not ever buy one, too. ;-p

Home Projects-Some Updates

Completed the organisation of the recipe book by covering it in a giant wrapper (of a very unhealthy snack which I simply love) and a little tidying of the contents.  The photo frame project was completed the same time around.



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