The want to add more greens to the house kicked in a couple of weeks ago. On hearing this, MIL volunteered to bring in a couple of potted plants,  which I accepted graciously of course. The trigger to this want is the beautifully florishing holy thulsi plant in our garden. Looking at the main healthy plant and three other smaller ones, the heart longed for more.

With that, I received the afore mentioned ferns.  I had also converted D’s old milk bottles which were meant to be thrown out, into small water pots. The previous entry shows two of them bottles with water plants which I have placed at my work station at the office. The other is in my bathroom.

All I need is another fern and a bougainvillea plant. These too would be brought in by the MIL. All I could say with gratitude is a big thank you to make little wishes of mine like this, true… 




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