India, Here I Come! (Day Two)

Woke up at three. Made coffee and ate some snacks. Slept off only to wake up at 6am. Slept back and woke up at 6.45am. Got ready and went for breakfast.

By 9am, I was at the office.

Evening we had a small party. A pani puri party with aloo. It was my first. Truly addictive.
I had to bite the first one and spoon the remaining half. After that, I was given the smaller ones in size, enabling me to stuff the whole pani puri into my mouth!

Evening saw us heading to the mall for dinner, not before stopping by this store called Reliance something.

I bought 6 kurti tops at a fraction of the cost back home.

All in all, it was a good fruitful day!


India, Here I Come! (Day One)

I am back in India for a business trip after a gap of 7-8 years. This time around, I am enjoying every bit of it! The last time I was here, I was a rookie manager and perhaps was intimidated by anything and everything India. The business relationship sucked between the organisations and perhaps, it marred my overall perspective of India as well. With exception to the visit to the magnificent Taj Mahal, that is.

Arrived by noon after a 5 hour flight. The formalities were a brief. Walked through the green lane and airport taxi chauffeur was already waiting. Was told a Toyota Corolla would be waiting for us. Instead, it was a seven series BeeMer. Who is complaining? :-D. The airport is awesome. When I first came to Delhi, it was still under renovation. With the mudras just above the immigration counters, wow!

A leading Mall is just adjacent to the hotel. After check-in and refreshed, we headed to the mall. Had lunch first at KFC. After that, we walked and walked and walked. And shopped and shopped and shopped like there was no tomorrow. Some close friends has requested to get some kurtis, Haldiram snacks and sweets. I wanted to get some books. Almost all in the shopping list has been bought. Kurta top for my colleague and me, few books for myself (The Secret of the Nagas, The Oath of The Vayuputras & Asura: Tale of the Vanquished) and one for the boys and Haldiram snacks.

At about 5pm, we headed back to the hotel. Rested and out at 6pm we were headed to the mall again. This time for dinner. Dinner was at the food court. Had a yummy plate of dum briyani combo of chicken tikka masala. Yum! Went looking for more Haldiram. This time for soan papdi. Some for me, some for colleagues and general office consumption. Did I mentioned we had sugar free gelato as well?

Reached my room at about 8pm. I was dead tired. Had a nice long warm shower. Called the boys, hubby included. Watched some shows on tv. Magic Seeds untouched. Slept off after midnight.

Developments & Teachers’ Day


  • D points to his nose.
  • Says remotely sounding & meaning, ‘What is that?’ & ‘Who is that?’
  • Hijacks my phone to watch nursery rhymes & to play Temple Run 2.
  • He knows how to find Temple Run in my phone.
  • Effortlessly wave his fingers on the Ipad & smart phone.
  • Wants to eat by himself.
  • I no longer use the bath tub to bath him. He stands while I shower him.
  • When it is time for milk, he walks up to his floor mattress and lies on it on his own.
  • He prefers me change him rather than the maid. He makes it obvious than he is unhappy to have her change him.
  • I like to change him too, with all the cuddles and kisses I get while wiping and changing his clothes.
  • It is so adorable to see him carry his right leg, then left when I bring his pants close to him.
  • He doesn’t like to have his shirt buttoned!

Teachers’ Day
After shamefully missing Teachers’ Day and the class party last year, I made it a point to buy gifts for N’s class teacher and Tamizh class teacher, albeit a day late. I hope the boy remembered to pass the gifts to the teachers today.

D is 1 year 4 months 19 days old.
N is 4 year 6 months 23 days old.

Captain America

And so we took N to watch Captain America.

This is the what happened:
‘Amma, let’s go back’-Just as we sat
‘Amma, very noisy’-he kept his ears closed, until I opened the bag of Cheezels.

As he grew accustomed to the environment and coziness settled in, he started to talk.
‘Amma, where is Spider-man?’
‘Amma, where is Hulk?’
‘Amma, black widow!’
‘Amma, what happened to black uncle?’
‘Amma, why Captain America jatuh?’
‘Amma, why that man beating Captain America?’

These are some of the questions, N asked.

Then, he grew bored as action on the wide screen lessened.

He started to walk about. And talk to other patrons!

That pretty much summarises our first movie with N.

Truth to be told though, he didn’t ask to go home after the initial apprehension. All went well. All three of us enjoyed the movie.

Luckily, we were not the only patrons with a four year old! Voices could be heard all around us too!
Too bad for the young couples and other non parents! Hah!

The Adventure

This is what happened last evening.


Left the office premise.


Reached the hypermarket. Took the highway, albeit a longer route just to beat the slow traffic. Quickly picked the stuff need. In the rush, forgot to take a bottle of hand lotion. Reached the counters only to see long ques everywhere as only a limit few were open. The 10 items and below counter had the longest, but moving at a quicker rate than the rest.


Paid for the purchases and headed for the exit. The auto gate was closed as it was raining heavily. The rain was getting into the mall.

Barely a minute later, the janitor opened the door to let a few of us daring ones out. My car was the eleventh one from the exit. Got totally drenched within that short walk to the car. The rain was that heavy.


Reached home late. Due to the heavy rain, the other side of the road was flooded due to light rail transit construction going on. Spent about 25 minutes on the road. That other side of the road had to be cordoned and my side had to accommodate the incoming traffic. The traffic manoeuver caused the standstill.


Quickly tidied the house and room. Ran upstairs to take a nice hot quick shower. Hubby was working late. I had to pick the boys up from my parents’ place. If you think the adventure ended here, you are so wrong!


Left the house to pick the boys. The rain had subsided. Whereby, the road was visible now.


The standstill started. A 25 minutes ride became a 2 hours 35 minutes commute instead. I was least complaining. All thanks to owning a smart phone. These were what I was doing. It was a fruitful standstill after all. No. I have not gone crazy due to the bad traffic jam. This is why.

  • Nice songs were playing in the radio.
  • I had food supply meant for D. If I got hungry, I could have eaten that, which I did not, by the way.
  •  Luckily packed a soya bean packet for myself. Talk about farsightedness. The drawback, where am I to find a loo? Double luckily, no such tragedy happened too.
  • Facebooking. Got to know Rajini is now on Twitter. Had to reactivate twitter. It is R.A.J.I.N.I. Therefore, I must be on twitter. Amidst some issues, managed to register myself.
  • I am on twitter again.
  • Whatsapped some girlfriends via our common group.
  • As we are part of another group with a younger kids, a brainwave hit me. We must create another Whatsapp group including these kids as well.
  • With that, I created a new group. Hell broke loose. Two of them are currently in The Netherlands. That did not stop the to & fro messaging, teasing, gossiping and what nots!
  • Called mom/mom called me asking about my whereabouts in between. Decided that the boys should just stay put there. I would drive there anyway just to tuck them in. No point in bringing them back home asleep only to wake them up early in the morning to a ride back there. Plus, it is N’s exam week.


Reached parents’ place. N was fast asleep by the time I reached home. He was the main reason I stayed on as he would be crying and missing me like crazy if he doesn’t see me. I would normally have to tell him myself that he has to stay back with my parents. Anyway, D was wide awake. Played with him and had my dinner at about 10pm.

Stayed on and yapped a bit with father while I was eating. Carried the sleeping N upstairs after dinner and continued yapping, now with mom.


Left parents home at about 10.45pm. Had a nice and pleasant drive back home, with barely any traffic. Of course, there had to be a police road block and an accident. Even that was just in passing.


Reached home. Did some running around, preparing to cuddle up with a book in front of the TV. With Ipad in hand. The Dalai Lama was on TV. On MasterChef, to be precise. Had to watch right! Switched on the Ipad to check on a picture. Heard the gate opening. In comes, hubby. After much yapping and hearing a semi good news, I was too tired to read or even go out.






A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul, No Place Like Home & Lovely Bones

A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul

This story unfolds after the aftermath of the Bali bombings. A whodunnit which keeps you on your toes.

No Place Like Home

A child accused & acquitted of murdering her mother, comes back to live in her old house. The one where she supposedly killed her mom.

The Lovely Bones

This one is about a teenager murdered by one of her neighbours. The man known by her family. The story is about how the dead child and her family are coping with her death.

Magic Seeds

Starting on this next.

Some Lessons Learnt, Others Reenforced

Inappropriate Word
It is no fun to hear your child use an inaproppriate word. Especially when the child is saying it after hearing you!

Boo to Amma.

Drop Everything Else
Nothing is more important than my children. The more time I spend with them, the more I miss them while at work. If I can’t include my children in the household activity that I need to do, well, it could wait then.

Another child called N ‘stupid’ for wanting to play with him. This happened in the playground. I was fuming intially when I first heard it. Alas, this article made me cool down and think about what to do if this happens again.

I hope not.